anne's Articles en-us Card Making Steps Card making is not that difficult. Some of us may have a bitter experience on card making when we were still students because we started on the wrong foot. It could be that when our teachers let us do the cards on our own, we tend to screw it up since we ... 12th September 2011 Preserving your Greeting Cards Have you ever received a greeting card? How about a personalized greeting card? How does it feel? Do you feel special when you received it? Are you moved by the idea that someone spent some time and effort to make a personalized card for you? Does the ide... 09th September 2011 Paper Lanterns There are many things that we could do with paper. It is no longer used solely for writing purposes. It could also be used in our arts and crafts projects. These projects are primarily the reason why there are many kinds of papers in the market. Each pape... 25th August 2011 Importance of Greeting Cards Greeting cards are already considered as an important part of human communications and social conventions these days. It is through this small piece of paper that could either be printed or handmade that we get to express ourselves and show our feelings t... 15th August 2011 Humor Card There are many things that we should consider when we are making a greeting card. A personalized greeting card could mean a lot for us and of course, for the recipient of the card. It could be a lifesaver without us knowing or realizing it. A personalized... 15th August 2011 A4 Cards Teaching Aids Education is one of the most important legacy that we could leave our children. It is one of the best weapon and ammunition that you could ever give them as they face the battlefield called life. This is the reason why parents are working really hard to p... 05th July 2011 Digital Card Making Now that technology has already been advanced and modern, it is no longer surprising if the industry of card making would also be invaded by it. Computers and the internet are now playing an important role when it comes to card making. Nowadays, card ... 20th June 2011 Card making goes digital Cassette tapes may already be phased out nowadays. But that does not mean that mix tapes are already extinct as well. The emergence of compact disks (CD) in our daily lives even further populates mixtapes. It is now easy to make a mix tape for someone Thi... 08th June 2011 Words for Wedding Cards Finding the right words to express something that we truly feel is quite hard. It is even stressful at times when we have to force ourselves to come up with something. The difficulty in putting our feelings to words is one of the reasons why the greeting ... 17th May 2011 Paper Choice for Card Making Do you know what is the most important factor to consider when making a card? Have you ever wondered why almost everything went wrong and awful when you tried making card for the first time? And that, even though you already spent all of your time and eff... 16th May 2011 Environmental Paper Everyone has a role in saving what remains of Mother Earth. We could still do something to help. Helping our environment knows no age. No one is ever too young or too old to participate in this kind of endeavor. One of the best way we could help the envir... 16th May 2011 Wedding Card 101 Did you know why wedding cards already earn the affection of the people all around the world? Why most couples who are about to get married would now want to receive a wedding card on their special day? Do you know why in just a few years, wedding cards a... 09th May 2011 Creativity with Paper There are many things that you could do with paper. Paper is a very useful commodity at home, school or at the office. I could not imagine a student enduring a day at school without having to use paper nor a business executive getting through all day’s wo... 06th May 2011