vivek raj's Articles en-us Best Makeup Techniques for Smokey Eye Make up enhances the beauty of the individual and gets one noticed in the crowd. Variety of makeup tips are developed for matching various moods and occasions. When applying makeup for any function, it is important to apply the perfect makeup that will su... 21st September 2011 Best Makeup ideas to Cover Tattoos Getting your skin tattooed is a growing trend now-a-days. We often see many people getting their arms, necks, lower vest, chest, etc. tattooed. The tattoos may give a stylish look to your personality, but there are several times when you donít want to spo... 12th August 2011 Best makeup -Part of celebritiesí life Do you know the secret of the fabulous and stunning looks of the celebrities? Have you ever wondered as to how these celebrities manage to look so beautiful every time they make their appearance? This is because of the application of tons of makeup on the... 07th June 2011