Nikita Verma's Articles en-us Attention Guaranteed By Live News We study many subjects in our school and college time. Among all others there is History. We study History (of our nation as well as world starting with stone age as the human race evolved to intelligence) to remain aware of our past that has led to the p... 19th October 2011 Hindi Literature- Yet to explore The language used common for delivering the messages in India is Hindi. Hindi News is preferred by all people in the country. Newspaper is the important tool of distributing news in various regions. There are many Hindi News papers to distribute the impor... 19th October 2011 Stay tuned with Latest news Headlines Most of the people nowadays always want to be updated with latest news. In this busy life people do not get much time to for themselves. But in their busy schedule they take some time for getting the news of every happening that is going on in the entire ... 11th October 2011 Be updated with all Kinds of Latest News Most of the people are always concerned about the latest news. Everyone wants to be updated with various types of latest news. News may be anything and about any subject. You can get the latest news of economics, politics, entertainment, science, and many... 07th October 2011 Be Well-Known About all the India News In India many happenings are always going on. People are always concerned to know every latest news. News can be on everything such as sports, entertainment, politics, natural disaster and many other events. If you want to be updated with each and every k... 07th October 2011 Latest World News- to cover the whole world in few minutes News is a Network extensible window systems and this system has develop by sun micro systems in 1980’s. Latest world news would display a number of postscripts at a time on one screen. News includes more number of interface elements written in news. News ... 03rd October 2011 Hindi News Shining with Bollywood and Cricket Bollywood and Cricket are more conspicuous to Indians than any other thing tagged entertainment. In fact these two are the source of whole sole entertainment in the routines of Indians. Hindi Bollywood News and Cricket News in Hindi have more receivers to... 03rd October 2011 Hindi News-Threatened by English Hindi is widely spoken in Indian subcontinent in various tones and dialects. People in northern part of India are known more inclined to this language. Southern states have their own languages. Language was the basis of physical boundaries to make souther... 03rd October 2011 Hindi Newspapers- Still leading the market News is collection of information about any particular topic or incident. People watch or read news living in different parts of nation. So, national and Hindi news should be presented in several languages like Hindi, English and more. English News and Hi... 28th September 2011 Relation of Crime and Political News Crime is the black side of coin if society has two faces. Life may not be exactly as simple as segregating black from white but ideals are what keep forces motivated. We are expected to follow the norms meant for common good and whenever we deviate from t... 28th September 2011 Cricket and Bollywood makes Hindi News complete Indians are known for their risk aversion and lack of challenges. There are two things that can draw an image totally different from this presumption and prejudices. They are Cricket and Bollywood known to make mood and personality of every Indian lively.... 28th September 2011 World News Concerns for Nature’s Exploitation Green Revolution was a long time back with respect to current time frame. When more and more trees were planted and Chipko movement was in the head of every common man. Now we talk in terms of Carbon Credits. Countries that are polluting the earth more bu... 26th September 2011 Latest lifestyle news- match steps with vogue The news is the coverage of information around the world what was happening in every second. News has two priorities, like news must be current, and news must help the people something. A story about the environment and a story about the Oscars can both b... 26th September 2011 International News Headline - Always Lure Viewers The headline is used to be immediate attention of the people who are reading the news paper or watching news in a television. The international news headline plays an important role in attracting the people while reading an article in a news paper or watc... 26th September 2011 Banking News-A Reflection of Economy We get news to remain aware of our surroundings. Knowing about world is a part of it but incomplete if we miss on local news India. News of neighborhood reflects the current scenario with respect to activities in rest of the world. In that too money holds... 21st September 2011 Complete Indian Economic Statistics There is no doubt that Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It has also been estimated that in times to come Indian economy will be ahead of the most powerful and biggest economy of world that is United States of America. I... 19th September 2011 Stated News- stay connected with others strongly What can be consequential about state news? Sometime it can lead to a home unrest or civil war. Some times it may betray loopholes in national integrity to the whole world. Sometimes it is only treated as a state affair of no relevance at all and disregar... 19th September 2011 Latest Hindi News Himachal Pradesh and Chhatisgarh are two states in India. They are smaller in terms of area and population in comparison to the other states of this country yet they play a crucial role in the development and prosperity of the Indian subcontinent. Moreove... 16th September 2011 Comprehensive Latest Asia News The global economic recession has made this fact very much clear that the economy of the United States of America does not remain as the most stable economy of the world. Also the European economies are under turmoil. The world is now having its eye on th... 16th September 2011 Lifestyle news About health and Humility When solutions to the problems seem unachieved afraid we chose to abscond. Our life is how we equip ourselves to enjoy this treat. Challenges, problems, hindrances or stumbling block whatever name we chose to give our apprehensions fleeing from them would... 16th September 2011 Hindi News Easy to understand India with its legacy of more than one language as national language holds no grudge against even foreign language. Hindi the most spoken language in India extends the same welcome to all other language that can have their presence in it. Arabic, Portugue... 12th September 2011 Punjab News All about sports and economy Punjab is always a place of life and enthusiasm towards life. The state is as much rural as urban but life is missed nowhere. No comparison mars the bliss of the state. Farmers are happy to fulfill food need of entire country and enjoy the onus. They neve... 12th September 2011 Latest News Thriving On Competition World came to existence a long time back. Since the time human came in to being world has been evolving faster than ever. Thanks to the creative mind God has blessed man with; he is seeking more ways of eliminating troubles. And with this power came the n... 12th September 2011 Listen to Entertainment news and stay tuned India is known around the world for many things. Out of them one is its versatility as states and their possessions. All states have their way of living, mode of communication, heritage and beauty, tourist attractions, regional sports etc to flaunt. When ... 19th August 2011 Live Stock market News The Indian economy is one of the world’s largest economy (12th largest) and it is world’s second fastest growing major economy. It is the golden period of Indian economy after the independence of this country. It is an era of growth and success. All the s... 19th August 2011 Significance of Political news India in development Sphere of politics seems to be excluding common person when everything about it just emphasizes on his very being, in general, the Public. The hordes of magazines address this very entity of System to appease the curiosity behind locked doors of politics.... 17th August 2011 Refreshing Hindi News Some may take up a Hindi newspaper and drop their heads into it till they are done with it. Others may try to find Santa-Banta jokes tucked away in some corner of a page of the same newspaper for momentary amusement that can be allowed during work. For so... 16th August 2011 Entertainment News- Ultimate to cover everything Sports have always been synonymous to entertainment. Entertainment news without sports is unimaginable even though we feel that only Hollywood or Bollywood forms the comprehensive section. It has been experienced lately that sports and entertainment secti... 16th August 2011 Being Global Qualifies As World News The term “Global” has evolved in recent times. People are not as apprehensive about it now as they used to be some time ago. Term “global” was often misunderstood in meaning as “foreign”. Getting independence so late made people of that generation apprehe... 16th August 2011 Hindi News: More about Language than News Loving one’s nation is not unlikely but disrespect to others is. Same thought applies on states and language of one’s residence and concern. We might be indifferent to other’s opinion but we never should disregard and impose ours’ on them. For example the... 15th August 2011 State News India to connect you with states Education is a necessity recognized by the rulers of nations from a long time back. Those who did not give it credit were not rulers actually but individuals who feasted on ignorance of their own people. In present day scenario, India news has captured th... 12th August 2011 Internet-Giving speed to latest news We live in a world joined by technology mainly Internet and mobile phones. We might be traveling in a faraway land yet we would be able to connect people in our own land. These things are now sounding so commonplace that we have forgotten that once they w... 28th July 2011 Hindi Bollywood News- Little Spicy, Little sweet Glitter of glamour seems to be calling everybody. To get our personal dose of this dazzle we have got Hindi Bollywood News. News is made spicier by the snapshots of personal lives of Bollywood stars. Channels like Zoom are live example of that spice serve... 26th July 2011 India News-Growth story of India History of World dates back to the dawn of time. Big-Bang Theory, Origin of World, Black holes, Galaxy and other planets like earth are few of those ways in which we are trying to figure out our circumstances of existence. India is known to be oldest of a... 21st July 2011 Bollywood News informs about new releases One can find number of books on any statement made in Political News or Bollywood News. The only thing required to keep the ball rolling is zeal and love for books. Latest news about new book release is taken very much enthusiastically by people who are c... 21st July 2011 Lifestyle News-A way to meet Vogue Football, also known as the game of soccer in American terms, has entitlement of world most played game with maximum number of fans. Most of the countries of world come together on single platform whenever football is being played. The Football world cup ... 13th July 2011 Finance News of J&K: Stigma on Nation As Indians and as world citizens, both ways, we know Jammu and Kashmir. This topmost state of Indian subcontinent is synonymous to heavenly beauty before it was raided by vandalism induced by Pakistan. Whenever the name of the state is highlighted we take... 06th July 2011 Is Hindi news enough to know happening of other states too? There is lots of buzz in the galleries of News. They are cluttered with many happening and not-so happening activities. News comes in different activities, at different places and on various issues. State news like Punjab news in Hindi, Delhi News in Hind... 06th July 2011 Non-Violence-Inclusion in Latest World News Now we have evolved through time. Does this fact make any difference in our nature of violence? The answer is “no”. Various evidences taken from latest news all around the world cue in the same direction. Terrorism taken from Latest World news is one face... 29th June 2011 Hindi News Paper- the Medium of Masses Latest news is a must in the morning to stay connected with events in your society. This is the main reason why the newspaper in the morning plays a very important role throughout the world. In every corner of the world they play a very important role in ... 29th June 2011 Grab the Latest News Instantly People are always concerned to be well-known about all kinds of latest news. Nowadays media is very active to deliver all kinds of news on entertainment, sports, politics, and many other happenings. World News is ever changing. That is why all of you have... 20th June 2011 Literature news in Hindi –Explore the World The next time when you are busy and still want to read a good book which is worthy of that most valuable free time of yours must be bought after the Hindi news reviews of the big critics. They make the work easy for you as also you are coming to know abou... 20th June 2011 Remain Connected With the World Get The Latest News Online To hear news from a person is not the same as the ones that a person may read it in the newspaper or hear it on a news channel. But what good it would be if the person could himself choose which news to watch or which news video to see wouldn’t that be a ... 20th June 2011 Hindi Bollywood News- Highly Demanded News In India movies play a very vital role in creating a long term impression on the mind of people. As also this the country where the biggest number of films are made every year to satisfy the customers in all level. There is the presence of a movie industr... 16th June 2011 Bollywood News A Must For Bollywood Fans News plays a very important part in the life of all as it is the medium for them to be connected with the rest of the world. People are running after earning day and night and they are not getting time to stay connected with the rest of the world. Still t... 16th June 2011