Grant Bramlett's Articles en-us Army Brat: Growing Up Military High school was officially over and I was adamantly opposed to being affiliated with the military, any longer. Then again, I was adamantly opposed to anything my parents were involved with. This included the military, going to college, and of course, Re... 11th May 2011 Eagles in Afghanistan: My Year Deployment With the 101st Airborne I was more concerned with getting to my final destination, wherever it was, and finally getting more than a few minutes of sleep after days of travel, than anything else. I left Ft. Benning on a Friday, flying to Europe first, then various countries with... 21st April 2011 Afghanistan: A Silk Road Strategy As 2011 chugs away into the spring time and closer to the halfway point of the year, it has left many wondering in the U.S. how exactly our military strategy in Afghanistan is playing out, and what the eventual outcome will be. The steady payment of... 24th March 2011