JohnCimble's Articles en-us The Professionalism And Expansion Of Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand With medical tourism playing such a significant role in Thailand's economy, it is small wonder that the nation's government is pulling out all the stops to ensure that cosmetic surgery in Thailand is among the best in the world with the lowest prices. Tha... 05th July 2011 How Plastic Surgery in Thailand Became Popular Plastic surgery is so common today that it seems to be as simple as getting a good haircut. Breast augmentation, eye, nose, lip augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks are all procedures undertaken every day. With something so simple many people are now... 17th May 2011 Breast Augmentation in Thailand From time immemorial men, women, boys and girls have wanted to be, envied and looked adoringly at beautiful people. Our quest for beauty has very specific ideals in common, from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty to Michelangelo’s David; you ... 08th April 2011 Enjoy World Class Liposuction In Thailand For Less The phrase liposuction in Thailand probably conjures up images of a dimly lit room and a ill-qualified ‘doctor’ hacking at flesh with an implement that resembles a machete more than a scalpel. This is of course comes from the point of view of an individua... 06th April 2011