Sonu Parashar's Articles en-us Use Master Tools To Design Mobile Websites and Web Pages In latest time, Design mobile websites is becoming very well-known among the organizations and its members also. As more and more people who have an obtaining the internet via cell mobile phones attention of organizations in having sites who can accessibi... 26th June 2015 Mobile Web Blogs Blogs have already taken the web by storm and today there are various platforms where you can set up your personal blog or your company’s blog without much time and effort. Mobile web blog is the next big thing in the blogosphere. Wordpress and Blogger ar... 09th June 2011 Mobile Website Development According to an estimate there are more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users in the world and this number is increasing by the day. Of these 2.4 billion mobile users 30 per cent or more than 700 million have used their mobile phone to browse the Internet. ... 07th June 2011 Building Mobile Site Everyday more and more people are using mobile phone to access Internet. And to tap the potential of mobile surfers, a mobile website is pressing need of the hour for any business. Mobile site builders come handy here. With a little knowledge of basic too... 25th May 2011