Cranvas Technologies's Articles en-us Look Out for the Best VoIP Provider When one has decided to use VOIP in their house or business, then the next imp step is to select the best Voip provider, whose services you will be taking. Features provided and the packages offered are the two main factors which one should be considering... 24th January 2012 Understanding Residential VoIP Uses for You In earlier times long distance calls were the only way of communication between people with others present at distant places. But the introduction of the internet communication technology spawned new ways for people to talk to each other. Because of this,... 24th November 2011 Mobile VoIP Services - Use Your Mobile For VoIP Calls As the world is growing in technology very fast, VOIP has created a big buzz. VOIP refers to Voice Over Internet Protocol, provides cost efficient communication. So it helps to reduce phone costs and give people an opportunity to save on their phone bills... 04th November 2011 IP and Hosted PBX Know Why They Are Must For Your Business Introduction to IP PBX An IP PBX is a telephone technology which has replaced old PBX with the new IP PBX. This is a complete telephony solution which provides all the telephone calls over internet protocol in which data networks are used for the tran... 23rd September 2011