mtgmintcard's Articles en-us Tactics to playing magic the gathering Having played most of the upraising and traditional games, I can be sure to recommend someone to try magic the gathering game. This card playing game has various rules which make the game not only interesting but complicating one. Most people have tried t... 23rd March 2011 Magic the gathering-what are the rules There are different rules for different games. There is no game which doesn’t have rules, that if you want the game to be interesting. Having magic the gathering started since 1994, and has a couple of rules which have to be followed to see the game becom... 23rd March 2011 Magic the gathering-the rules Have you ever played a game which doesn’t have rules, I mean a game which you just pay like that, no standards, no rules, nothing-that would never be a game. The same applies to magic the gathering. To have this game player in the right way and to taste w... 18th March 2011 Magic the gathering-sideboarding and the tournament Since the year 1993, after a mathematician professor discovered the need to have a collectible game like magic the gathering, it has been increasingly becoming popular as it ages. It is one of the very games which have complicated but easy to rid rules. I... 18th March 2011 Magic the gathering-common questions about the game There came the dragons and dungeons, then followed host of toys, book series and cartoons dedicated to magic and fantasy and finally came magic the gathering. This is one of the greatest games which is little bit complicated with its version of ‘war’. ... 14th March 2011