BestArtDeals's Articles en-us Appealing, Unique and Modern Abstract Paintings There are a variety of ways to display art on canvas. Modern abstract paintings on canvas are one of the very popular ways to decorate your home interiors with a unique display of art on canvas. The finished oil paintings on canvas can be hung unframed or... 03rd June 2011 All about Oil Paintings on Canvas Oil paintings on canvas are one of the best ways to decorate your home interiors with exquisite art. These paintings are created by adding a pigment to oil followed by applying it to a canvas sheet, which has been stretched taut. The most commonly used pi... 01st April 2011 Choose Exquisite and Unique Ready to Hang Art Whether you are planning to buy a framed ready to hang art set or a single piece of framed wall art, knowing how to select the right pieces for your home or office needs thought along with careful planning to ensure that you are spending your money wisely... 01st April 2011 Benefits of Photos on Canvas When you think of printing photos, the first thing that comes to your mind is photo paper and the choice of glossy or matte. Many a times, people use their creativity and choose either borders or blow up the image for different frames, or even shrink the ... 01st April 2011 Appealing and Unique Canvas Art Prints There are multiple ways of displaying art on canvas. An original artwork could be painted onto canvas with either oils or acrylics or you could even have a print of the artwork or photos on canvas, either in the form of an un-stretched canvas print, a str... 07th March 2011