Amelia's Articles en-us Samsung Galaxy S2 Yet Another Gingerbread Smartphone With Cheap Offers Right from the release of popular model Galaxy S, South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung has made some wonderful improvements in its smartphones. The latest example is that of brand new Samsung Galaxy S2, which is rumored to appear in market in a ... 07th October 2011 Samsung Nexus S second inning of Google Samsung Nexus S one of the most wonderful mobile phone which is launched recently. This mobile phone which is a launches with the joint approach of Google, Samsung and T mobile is miuch more than what it seems. This is the second mobile phone from Go... 25th August 2011 LG Optimus 2x means Optimum features and optimum speed LG Optimus 2x is the latest sensation in the mobile phone market. This touch screen mobile phone is a brilliant piece of technology with lots of features and applications in it. You can buy it is all three mobile phone deals with various attractive offers... 25th August 2011 HTC Mobile Phones Nothing is like HTC smartphones HTC mobile phones have become synonymous of smart phones. These mobile phones are rich in features and stylish by appearance yet the price of these mobile phones are incredibly affordable. Look out for some best mobile phone from HTC which are soon going ... 25th August 2011 Curious about coming soon mobile phones 2011 with laptop Mobile phone companies has launched a number of mobile phones with the beginning of this year 2011 and more are yet to be launched. With these launches not only you will have more options to pick from but also the different offers from the networking comp... 23rd August 2011 HTC Gratia Deals – HTC mobile phones with latest offers HTC Gratia is the unique creation by HTC Company. The company has introduced this handset with the same functionality which is generally found in some other expensive handsets. This widget has the capability to lure mobile users easily with its mind-blowi... 11th March 2011 STAY CONNECTED IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY WITH MOBILE PHONES Over the period of time technological advancement has changed the way the mobile phone was used and viewed. The current era is an era of communication. We all need to stay connected with each other all the time. Connection is the key word in today’s world... 11th March 2011