Shari Ross's Articles en-us Save Time And Money File Taxes Online As crazy as it sounds the calendar will soon turn over to January and the start of tax season will have arrived. Although a lot of people handle financial tasks online, it is still not at all that uncommon for people to attempt to file their taxes via the... 02nd March 2011 Tax Calculation By Filing Electronically This article describes why you should e-file your taxes with the IRS. Tax season is just around the corner and there are many ways to get your taxes done. You can do it by hand and send it off to the IRS, or you can go to see a paid preparer. Anot... 23rd February 2011 Higher Accuracy With Efile State Tax This article describes why you should e-file your state taxes online versus doing them by hand. Even with all the advancements in technology and internet usage, there are still people who like to file their state taxes with uncle sam using the old fash... 23rd February 2011