Jeff Rice's Articles en-us An Assortment of Cool Cell Phone Accessories When the global market has been proliferated by numerous cellular phones, an assortment of cool cell phone accessories is not far behind. Just when you think that you have every single accessory for your mobile device, another new one will appear. One cel... 08th June 2011 An Interesting Look on Brief History of Cell Phones The idea of being able to hold conversation using a portable telephone with another person on the other side of the world goes back in 1973 where Martin Cooper of Motorola and his team of experts build the first known cellular phone. During that time, the... 08th June 2011 Sensible Accessories That Cell Phone Users Should Get Most people think that there is no need to get a cell phone accessory when the wireless device is working just fine. You might think that it is something that your device can do without so there is no need to spend your hard earned money on this. Many acc... 08th June 2011 Basic Ways of Caring For Your Wireless Device You might find it hard to find someone who does not own or use a cell phone these days. Because of its many applications, the wireless device has become invaluable to many. Aside from using the device to communicate with others, you can use it to take a p... 08th June 2011 Showing Your Sense of Style with Cool Cell Phone Covers The cell phone, complete with cell phone accessories, offers a convenient way of keeping in touch with family and friends. It is a great way to start new friendships and maintain old ones. This modern convenience allows you to contact your loved ones when... 08th June 2011 The Trendy Way to Protect Your Cell Phone People have different tastes when it comes to jazzing up their cell phones. Some would want to have a phone cover that looks clean and slick. Others would prefer bold colors and outrageous designs. There are also those who would attach blings and charms. ... 08th June 2011 Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Cell Phone Each person has his or her own preference when it comes to food, music, gadgets, and the like. The same goes for the choice of a cell phone accessory. While there are those who prefer to buy expensive brands, there are those who would opt for cheap cell p... 08th June 2011 Dangers of Texting While Driving Texting while driving - —almost everyone does that. But, do you know that this can actually injure you and even claim your life? Using the cell phone while calling can indeed put your life in danger. No text message or phone call is worth the risk you’re ... 16th May 2011 Texting Vs. Calling: Which One is Better? Cell phones have pretty much dominated our lives. Right from the moment we wake up, the first thing we check is the cell phone, wanting to know right away if somebody made a call or sent a text message while we were sleeping. We also use this device durin... 10th May 2011 Ideal Cell Phone Accessories for the Busy Professional On the Go Time is quite precious for those busy professionals who are always on the go. This is the reason why a wireless device, such as the cellular phone, is essential to their daily activities. They need to be in constant touch with people in their line of work... 06th April 2011 Find The Perfect Enhancement For Your Cell Phone The cell phone industry right now is considered one of the biggest players in the consumer market today. Each year, new wireless devices are being introduced to the buying public with new amazing features. It has become a multi-functional device that can ... 06th April 2011 Practical Tips for Cell Phone Users People use cell phones every day. It's something that has become a part of our daily lives. In fact, if you ask most people what they can't leave home without, cell phone would always be included in their answers. Aside from mobile phones, cell phone acce... 05th April 2011 Get The Perfect Travel Cell Phone Companion for Your Outdoor Adventure Getting the ideal protection for your cell phones is the best way to prolong its usefulness and efficiency. Investing on a smart and pricey gadget is practical these days especially if you take into consideration that its functions are no longer limited t... 05th April 2011 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone The cell phone industry is a very lucrative business. Each year you would see new models of mobile phones emerging with new and improved features to entice mobile users to buy a new unit. With this, it is not surprising to note an increase in demand for m... 05th April 2011 Top 3 Reasons For Buying A New Cell Phone Case Some people may think twice about getting a new cell phone case for your phone. Why get an extra case when your phone already has one when you originally made your purchase? There are three reasons for doing this - protection, personality and practicality... 05th April 2011 Top 5 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories People have come to rely on the cell phone as their main line of communication, since this electronic gadget is able to provide this need wherever they may be. Different brands and models of cell phone have emerged through the years and with its popularit... 05th April 2011 Exploring The Need For Mobile Phone Chargers People use cell phones all the time. Because of advancement in technology, this wireless device has become more than just a way of taking and receiving calls wherever you may be. The mobile phone has many applications that you can use to help you through ... 05th April 2011 Enhancing The Look and Improving The Performance Of Your Cell Phone Getting a new cell phone is exciting. You cannot wait to charge it so that you can begin to use your phone. One of the things that you normally do when you first received this wireless device is to personalize it. You would want to change its look from ge... 05th April 2011 Experience Optimal Efficiency With Cell Phone Accessories Cell Phone accessories are readily available in the market today. All you have to do is to look for the accessories that would fit and be compatible with the brand and model of your phone. Accessories are quite popular mainly because they let you enjoy th... 05th April 2011 Looking At A Cell Phone Accessory’s Importance An accessory is commonly thought of as something women would wear for purely aesthetic purposes. While accessories in this sense make that fact for the most part, indeed true, a cell phone accessory has more value depending on the need of the user. Cell p... 11th March 2011 Find Some Practical Means To Protect Your Phone! Luckily enough, none of us probably need to buy an insurance program for our cell phones. Unlike our cars, houses and even ourselves we need to protect and insure them but at least a cell phone while an important investment nevertheless, requires differen... 11th March 2011 Buying An Original Yet Inexpensive Cell Phone Case Many people want to change their cell phone case for a number of reasons. The primary reason being that they want to look better by making their unit stand out. Many cases are multicoloured, with fan designs and a whole lot more. Also, there are a lot of ... 11th March 2011 How Did We Get To Like Mobile Phone Accessories? When you think about it, the word “accessory” literally means “a small addition.” What does this mean? It means that it shouldn’t mean anything, because in the first place, it is something small isn’t it? But of course in reality, it is the small things t... 11th March 2011 The Way People Just Love Mobile Phone Accessories Admit it. You are probably an expressive, individualized and modern person of the 21st century too. That is a long sentence to attest to, but if you are reading this, you are probably looking for more tips to individualize your mobile phone unit. Thing is... 11th March 2011 Cell Phone Accessories That Should Matter For You When you think about it, most peripheral buys are not worth the effort for most people. Isn’t it? But in contrast, many cell phone accessories can be considered necessary buys – depending on who you are and your lifestyle. For one, would anyone think a ce... 11th March 2011 Protecting Your Mobile Phone Properly The cell phone cover is your main choice among mobile phone accessories in protecting one of your most precious investments. Mobile phones may not be that expensive, and price wise would be considered by some as easily replaceable. But more than the finan... 11th March 2011 Buy Original Cell Phone Cases For Your Own Sake Purchasing stuff for our cell phone units or practically any gadget should be a decision that is made with an informed mind. Basically, that means that we need to get as much information as we can about those stuff before we make a purchase. This is very ... 11th March 2011 Why Do We Buy Accessories For Our Cell Phone? Cell phone accessories are all in the rage right now. It is probably one of the most bought, near notebook / laptop accessories out there in terms of peripherals for a gadget. It is no wonder, since the boom of the telecommunications industry, people have... 11th March 2011 Learn How to Accessorize your Mobile Phone Unit Many accessories are available for your cell phone. When it comes to mobile phone accessories, you’ll never run of variety of things you can add in order to make your phone look good, perform better or prevent some early onset of damage. A cell phone cove... 11th March 2011 Buying and Caring Tips for Cell Phone Accessories If you want to buy a cell phone accessory, it would be a great idea to buy it online. The online market is filled with lots of great deals on products and services including accessories for mobile phones. Not only that, it is also quicker and more conveni... 22nd February 2011 Wonderful Cell Phone Accessories Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day People use cell phones everyday for work and personal purposes. They don’t just use it to call other people but also for a wide range of things like text messaging, voice mailing, internet surfing, alarm setting, and even for playing games if they’re bore... 22nd February 2011 Cell Phone Accessories: Achieve Balance between Fashion and Function Cell phones have changed the way people communicate with each other. Most people now rely on these gadgets as their main communication system. Even with simple things like setting a date or appointment, it has also altered the way people do these things. ... 21st February 2011 Know What Cell Phone Accessories Suit You Cell phone accessories have become as much part of our daily lives as cell phones themselves. Batteries, portable chargers, holsters and belt clips, and so many more—they all make cell phone usage a lot more convenient. If you’re getting mobile phone acce... 21st February 2011 Cell Phone Accessories: Function Vs Fashion When cell phones became popular, so did cell phone accessories such as the cell phone case. Some people buy all kinds of mobile phones just to be in line with current trends. Others purchase these items because they are aware of the practical functions of... 21st February 2011 Shopping for Cell Phone Accessories Online When the Internet became popular in the early 1990s, people were not yet comfortable with the idea of purchasing items in the online market. But years later, the online market has flourished and now almost half of the people around the world rely on the i... 21st February 2011 Are Cell Phone Accessories Important? Cell phones are important, there is no denying that. Ask anyone you know and they will tell you that, yes, cell phones have become indispensible in everyday life. People have become so dependent on these devices that they just won’t be able to leave home ... 21st February 2011 Practical Cell Phone Accessories You Can't Do Without People use cell phones every day. It’s something that has become a part of our daily lives. In fact, if you ask most people what they can’t leave home without, cell phone would always be included in their answers. Aside from cell phones, cell phone access... 21st February 2011 Different Types Of Cell Phone Accessories Cell phones have become an item of necessity that most people of today's generation cannot leave home without. We can never really undermine the importance of these phones and the benefits that they bring into our lives. With the increased use of phones c... 21st February 2011