minttec's Articles en-us Managing voice quality issues over VoIP phone systems The quality of Voice over IP (VoIP) has improved considerably from past years, and VoIP is now the dominant technology for corporate phone systems. At the moment corporate VoIP is primarily restricted to the corporation intranet and outside calls are con... 12th October 2011 Advantages of VPN for Business VoIP Phone Systems Despite its several benefits and very influential role in unified communications, VoIP still has some problems and security issue is one of them. This factor hinders so many companies from switching to a VoIP set up from their PSTN set up. However, as PST... 04th October 2011 VoIP Phone Systems Help Small Businesses Grow Fast VoIP Phone Systems have set the new standards of the current telecommunication world and for this reason are often referred to as the ‘future of communication’. This reputation has been forged by the big giants of telecommunication equipment like Cisco, S... 18th April 2011 Factors that Make VoIP Phone Systems Sell Like Hot Cakes It is always hard for the small business companies to make their place in the presence of more dominant giants. They can’t afford high priced solutions to run their business activities, so they tend to opt for a business solution that is not only good but... 09th March 2011