Trent Odonnell's Articles en-us Infertility There are several things that a couple needs to understand when it comes to getting the best results from the efforts that are placed into the act of getting pregnant. The first thing that seems to be a common practice is that of placing blame. This can ... 09th March 2011 Fertility Treatments, Precisely what you demand to Know There is a problem that tends to affect couples on a regular basis; this is the issue of infertility. While this is an issue that tends to make a couple seem like they are at the end of their rope, it is not a situation that needs to bring despair. There... 09th March 2011 Fertility: a boon for reproduction Fertility is the normal ability of giving life. The number of children who is born per pair, person or population is called fertility rate. Fertility is different from fecundity, defined as the potential for reproduction (it is being influenced by gamete ... 09th March 2011 What a Pair wants to Know about Infertility Fertility means the natural capacity to give life. Fertility in human beings depends on certain factors such as nutrition, culture, sexual behavior, endocrinology, instinct, timing and emotions. Fertility doctors have warned couples to avoid having babies... 09th March 2011