Gamingupholds's Articles en-us Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds- Complete analysis We have Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in our hands. It's hot, fresh from the factory. If I say 5 years ago we could enjoy the highly anticipated game for the collective lover of fighting games, I really do not have believed it. However, here it is, going around in ... 10th March 2011 New games by Capcom for the year 2011. Capcom is a leading developer of console and mobile games. The company recently launched its new line of games IOS. In the next couple of months will see the following games: Resident Evil VS, Devil May Cry 4 and Café Zombie. All games are aimed at the IO... 10th March 2011 Call of Duty: Black Ops-Review Loved by some, reviled by others ... Call of Duty franchise has become its own right in one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. With Black Ops and stores around the world dispels doubt if Treyarch guys would definitely be able to keep the series ... 14th February 2011 The best selling video games in the history The 10 best-selling video games in history are: 1. Wii Play (Nintendo Wii / 27.38 million) 2. Nintendogs (Nintendo DS / 23.26 million) 3. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii / 22.61 million) 4. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii / 22.55 million) 5. New Super Mario B... 14th February 2011