Gail's Articles en-us Thrilling And Exciting Bakugan Party Games Will Add To A Bakugan Party Bakugan is a great party theme ideal for a fun filled party with Bakugan party games and activities perfect for a great time. Create a fun Bakugan theme party with fun, challenging, and high energy party games that encourage teamwork and competitive spiri... 19th March 2012 Stop Time With Some Simple Anti Aging Skin Care Ideas Keep skin looking its best with facial exercises, moisturizers, firming serums, facemasks, day and night creams, cleansers, and sunscreen. Start practicing anti aging skin care as early as possible - this will instill good skin care habits well into advan... 08th June 2011 Put a Wrinkle In Aging's Plans:When And Why To Use Wrinkle Cream It is never too early to start searching for wrinkle cream. As we get older, our face begins to lose its elasticity. Fat cells in the face begin to loosen and pull apart, thus, the skin loses its ability to bounce back causing sagging and forming lines th... 08th June 2011 Honor The Big 3-0 With ASurprise 30th Anniversary Themed Party Plan a surprise 30th anniversary themed party complete with decorations, party supplies, invitations and of course party games. Throwing a themed anniversary party is makes wonderful surprise for the happy couple. Since the party is a surprise, it is no... 07th June 2011 Clown Around With a Circus Clown Themed Birthday Party Throw a child a circus carnival clown themed party complete with invitations, colorful decorations and fun food. Just remember that budget ultimately plays the final deciding factor when planning any party. It is important not to spend an entir... 10th May 2011 Halloween Masks Make The Costume The first of October comes around each year and marks the begin of the countdown to needing Halloween Masks. Those interested in the quest, the challenge of making their own unique Halloween mask, start planning well before the actually making of ... 08th April 2011 Throwing A Great Cheerleading Theme Party A cheerleading theme party is a great way to end the season. Sending out party invitations to each of them and their families two weeks before the game will provide ample notice about what is planned. After the big high school game it is time for another ... 04th April 2011 Dance Invitations And Party Supplies For A Night To Remember A high school dance doesn't need to be terrifying - just have fun with it. One day will come when it is time to send out high school dance invitations to mark the end of the school year for seniors. After the invitations, gather the dance party supp... 04th April 2011 Have A Blast With A Fraternity Themed Party There really is a difference between a party at a fraternity and a party with a fraternity theme. Typically, the best types of parties are the themes that are more creative with the exceptions of course (Toga party). Choosing a fraternity party with... 30th March 2011 Make It a Cute Hello Kitty Party Theme Hello Kitty continues to grown in popularity among younger girls and teens, so it is no wonder that the Hello Kitty party theme has grown in popularity as well. Thankfully the Hello Kitty name brand seems to be on everything and everywhere so having a pa... 30th March 2011 Plan A Great 40th Birthday Celebration Have a 1940's party bash and celebtrate a 40th birthday in style. There are many party supplies, decorations, foods, and party games to ensure that the 40th birthday party will not be forgotten any time soon. Celebrate! Turning 40th it is a... 30th March 2011 A Western Theme Party With a Bang This party idea looks backwards to the days of the wild west and when cowboys was a way of life. Still to do a party, any party justices invitations and party supplies will be needed to make it happen or it will fail. Both of these items go hand in hand ... 29th March 2011 Straw Hats For Parties Are A Fantastic Summer Fun Idea Straw hats for parties are somewhat nostalgic. They can also bring back memories of a wonderful vacation at the beach or a tropical island. So when planning a Straw Hat party think warm summer days and cool summer nights. There are several ways to go wi... 23rd March 2011 Bright Bold Colors And Beautiful Designs Make Cinco De Mayo Theme Party Invitations Truly Festive Cinco de Mayo is filled with lively fun, just as any Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Invitations should be. Many Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Invitations bear the colors of the rainbow, sometimes expressed in stripes or artsy flourishes. The hues of... 17th March 2011 Labor DayParty Party Planning Labor Day can be an exciting time for friends and family to gather. For the most part, Labor Day is full of vigor and fun, as well as a celebration. Labor Day is a holiday celebrated during the beginning of September. It is also a time where work... 15th March 2011 4th Of July Theme Party Invitations Should Explode With Color Get the guest attention from the beginning with great 4th of July Theme Party Invitations. The type of invites she sends out, however, will depend on the specific nature and theme of the party. Regardless of the theme or guest list involved at a partic... 15th March 2011 Toga Party Games Suggestions Toga parties can be very entertaining and a lot of fun for your friends. Toga parties are becoming more and more popular. Most often, everyone will enjoy the toga parties a lot. Toga parties were very popular at one time. It is always fun to ha... 14th March 2011 Save Time By Using An Event Planner Planning an event and organizing it can take some time and a lot of effort, however, this is very important. For the most part, event planning for an event is very time consuming and quite a challenging task to take on. The venue, invitations, par... 14th March 2011 Suggestions On Selecting Party Entertainers Party entertainers are very important to the success of a party. Therefore, finding the best entertainers for your party will help it be a success. Party entertainers are one of the most essential party supplies you can have at your party. They a... 14th March 2011 Creative Halloween Party Themes Halloween parties and events are a great deal of fun for everyone. For the most part, Halloween is a day that many kids as well as adults look forward to each and every year. It can be the time when everyone gets to be a little wild and get away w... 14th March 2011 Ideas For An Amazing Toga Party Toga parties are a great way of getting together with your friends and having an entertaining party. For the most part, toga parties are a fun way to bring in the summer and celebrate with your friends. Toga parties do not happen often and therefore... 14th March 2011 Suggestions For Choosing Musicians For Parties Choosing musicians for parties can be quite time consuming. As most people know, music is a very important factor when preparing for parties and other such events. Amongst the different party supplies, decorations and entertainment, music is als... 11th March 2011 Grandparents Day Party Theme Ideas Grandparent's Day has become a more celebrated event since its inception in 1978. Since then, children and grandchildren alike have been creating celebrations and noting the significance. Most grandchildren love their grandparents and the grandpa... 11th March 2011 Renting A Party Bus For Friends And Family Renting a party bus to get away to a special outing like a sporting event or concert can make any occasion one you remember forever. You and your group can be traveling just like any famous celebrity, safely and comfortably. A large number of rentals are ... 10th March 2011 Party Planning Tips For An Anniversary Party Can Include Designing Your Own Invitations An anniversary party is a very special event and many people look forward to this occasion. Whether it is a one year or a fifty year anniversary party, the party itself should be very special for the couple celebrating their anniversary. Therefo... 23rd February 2011 Go Risqué With An Adult Party Theme Adults like to spice up their parties with something a little risqué every now and then. There are numerous ways to incorporate an adult vibe into the birthday party theme. The most important thing to consider is whether the guest of honor will e... 23rd February 2011 Personalized Party Favors Require Careful Timeline Planning Planning a party and need a theme? As most people know, a well planned party only gets better with a well planned theme. Therefore, deciding on a party theme becomes very important for party planning. A party theme incorporates all aspects of y... 21st February 2011 Kids Thanksgiving Table Activities Getting together on Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends can be a great day. The celebration for many is a part of the holiday season. Since most people find this time to be the perfect time for celebrating with family and friends, it... 21st February 2011 The Must Have Glow Sticks Are Here To Be Enjoyed Using colorful glow sticks when you are throwing a party for a birthday or any other occasion is a great way to spend the evening. It is important to select a variety of glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, black lights, glow-in-the-dark p... 21st February 2011 Christmas Party Games for All Ages Christmas is the favorite season for many because it gives families and friends the opportunity to spend time with each other. Christmas party games, delicious holiday foods and gifts exchanges are the norm for this time of year. The entertainment is the ... 17th February 2011 Fun Games For That Special Baby Event With everyone being excited about the new baby the only thing that can top off a special baby shower event is fun games to play. Sometimes theses baby shower games are strange when they are first described to the players, but once they start to play... 16th February 2011 Great Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary Whole families come together to celebrate anniversaries. Finding unforgettable ways to celebrate and honor the special couple make it fun for the whole family. Are there budding actors in the family or just folks who like to have fun; well tr... 16th February 2011 Economical Party Banners That Will be the Hit of Any Party One of the best ways to have a unique party banner at a great price is to make it your self. The banner paper is not very expensive and can be created with regular art supplies. This allows you to be creative and add original picture and wording... 15th February 2011 Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors One does not have to be an arts and crafts expert to devise some useful, eye-catching Budget Minded Handmade Party Favors. Creativity, imagination and a willingness to just have some fun are all you need to get started. For example, a hostess could take ... 14th February 2011 4 Fast & Easy Adult Party Games With 4 quick party games pre-planning for the adults can be a sure fire way to have a successful party. Adults love games so keep your guests happy with a variety of fun games. Keep in mind that everyone may not want to join in every game so have enough o... 14th February 2011