RebelFone's Articles en-us International cell phone rental Basic requirement while travelling abroad Having a wireless phone with uninterrupted connectivity is the first thing that almost every overseas traveler wants. Using the services of a cell rental company is not a big deal any more as you can easily find several options in the market. Nowadays,... 09th May 2011 What is the importance of unlocked cellular phones? People are often confused about the term world cell phone and do not understand what it means. The term is however used for unlocked cellular phones that are quite useful to international travelers. These phones can work on different networks unlike the l... 14th April 2011 How can you cut down on international roaming? If you are a regular traveler and are tired of paying high international roaming charges then you can now avoid it and save your money easily. In order to do so the first thing that you need is get international cellular phones. This refers to unlocked ha... 13th April 2011 International cellular phones why they are popular Regular business travelers or world travelers ought to invest in international cellular phones or rent them for their journey as it can turn out to be very useful for them. These phones are easily compatible with the global SIM cards and this makes it con... 04th April 2011 Enjoy International Roaming with international phone If you want to cut down on your international roaming charges then the best way to do so is by using international phone. The global travelers now prefer to buy different SIM cards for different countries and use that during their journey so that they can... 29th March 2011 Cell Phone Services Used by Global frequent Travelers to and from US With increasing globalization, increasing number of people is travelling abroad for various reasons. It has created an equally great need of staying connected with their base and homes and better channels of communication. The United States of America is... 21st March 2011 Know more about different forms of international mobile phone rentals If you are an avid international traveler who has constant communications and connectivity requirements, renting an international mobile phone is the best option for you. The handset options and international calling plans presently available in the marke... 14th March 2011 International cell phone rental- Guide for Travelers If you are traveling to another country then using your own cell phone can turn out to be very costly. The international roaming charges are quite high and this is why it is better not to use your phone during your international journey. At the same time,... 11th February 2011 Growing popularity of International cell phones Cell phones have become an integral part of our life and it is hard to imagine staying anywhere without being connected through it. So whether we are in our country or are traveling to another country, we need to stay connected. However, the high roaming ... 04th February 2011