Ann Sandretto's Articles en-us Beauty Skin Advice - Brown Spots (What Causes Them and How To Treat Them) Copyright (c) 2011 Ann Sandretto As we age, we realize that the beauty skin advice we received in our 20's and 30's should have been heeded. But, most of us don't, and as a result of excessive exposure to the sun, many of us develop brown spots. ... 16th February 2011 How To Manage Your Sensitive Skin! Copyright (c) 2011 Ann Sandretto Sensitive, dry skin can be very difficult to manage. For those who need dry skin care, here are some tips to help you manage the depletion of moisture in your skin and achieve proper dry sensitive skin care. *Oil vs... 15th February 2011 15 Health and Beauty Benefits of Water! Copyright (c) 2011 Ann Sandretto Whether you're looking for younger skin, a healthier body, or shinier hair (or all 3) pure, clear water is the world's best elixir. Here are 15 ways that water can benefit your health and beauty: For Younger Look... 11th February 2011