Irina Maia's Articles en-us Natural Hair Removal Cream The summer time is near, so we must pay greater attention to our skin, as it is mandatory to get rid of the body hair before going to the seaside. Despite the fact that many people have a tendency to use exactly the same hair removal procedure for many ye... 16th June 2011 Intensive Night Cream For Sensitive Skin Night creams or serums are specially beneficial for those past 30 as their skin begins to show the first signs of aging as fine lines appear: the skin becomes more dry, less elastic and starts to look colorless and blotchy. The many benefits associated wi... 06th March 2011 Discover All About The Best Quality Hair Loss Solution Hair loss is typical for anyone due to usual day-to-day routines such as combing, brushing, and shampooing. Actually, it is perfectly normal to lose approximately 100 hairs a day. Nonetheless, to lose an increased amount, particularly early in life, is pr... 23rd February 2011