minisivarao's Articles en-us Free puzzle games available over the internet The other type of word puzzle games is the Word Search Deluxe. In this game, we must take the help of word reference book to find and solve puzzles. One need not buy a word searches as there are endless possibilities and combinations available in Word Sea... 27th May 2011 ovulation calculator - For a women to keep track of ovulation cycle Free ovulation calculator helps people keep track of the whole system of egg release and it is indeed an essential aspect of the female genital tract. The process of ovulation is an important thing for all women and must be handled properly. This is the p... 27th May 2011 Cartoon games - means of educating younger ones? The favorites among online games cartoons free for children are smaller types of flash games that can play both in the browser you're not downloading any type of software. What makes these games so demanding of cartoons for children simply because they ar... 10th May 2011 Telugu Books are written in Telugu language to read for Telugu people Telugu is the official language spoken mainly in Andhra Pradesh, which has its roots in the Dravidian language. Telugu books using the Telugu language was said to derive from the script which is varied Bhattiprolu version Brahmi script. The most well-rega... 04th February 2011 Tax calculator is designed to calculate different taxes based on your taxable income Tax calculator does automatic calculations both as the person selects the option and enter the amount of tax and its values. Advantages of using the tax calculators are speed, availability, accessibility and accuracy are few among the various services pro... 04th February 2011 Symbols are something like an object and vocal sounds used for resemblance The symbols were created to help individuals recognize clearly the nature of human verbal communication, they are used to understand the entire message as soon as they have a look at the symbols. In this modern era, all owners of the company or business t... 04th February 2011 Soccer commonly known as football played between two teams Soccer also known as association football is the most popular game in the world. It is played between two teams on the ground rectangular grass or artificial. The main goal of the game is not up to score goals and the team is able to do so wins. It is the... 04th February 2011 Prank is nothing but a practical joke Gags can be a great source of stress relief and you can actually expect another kind of tricks you can play on your friends and family. It is now a possibility that people can now get a taste jokes at different levels in television and in real life. I... 04th February 2011 unauthorized replica of an original source If you consider that a dangerous precedent that haunts the peoples of the world, then it is the state of piracy that has reached the ultimate level where new films and songs are duplicated and hacked at affordable rates. Piracy is a problem that must be s... 04th February 2011 Photogallery is the huge collection of photos While organizing photo galleries, keep in mind that not only your excellent photography is the key to success as a cameraman well known. Attract viewers to your gallery of photos is still an important task. If you make your photo galleries in places far f... 04th February 2011 New movies will create a sense of happiness among the people, and they expect to see the film. People looking for different options for entertainment and release new film is one aspect of the highly anticipated movie buff really expect any event.The in all eagerness to watch the new movie theater and they do everything they can to make sure they wa... 02nd February 2011 Mothers have often been the power, strength and shield of each child Mother is just being in this planet who have the right to give birth to new life after the all-powerful almighty. Mothers have often been the power, strength and shield of each child. Mothers are the only people on the planet, known as the land, whic... 02nd February 2011 Mobile wallpapers are nothing but an image or a transition animation pictures that adorn the mobile With the advent of modern technology, mankind has seen the invention of revolutionary discoveries with the most amazing discovery made by the human race is the phone, especially cell phones. Previously, we fell on mobile phones, which had simple black... 02nd February 2011 High quality of mobile video songs and mobile video clips you Many selection of videos for mobile phones shared by millions of people in world wide. High quality of mobile video songs and mobile video clips you can watch on the Mobile phone itself. Often, most users are not satisfied by simply downloading the mp3... 02nd February 2011 Mobile phone software can be of any kind. They can be software-based games or other applications. Mobile software, as I said, is freely downloadable from the Internet. In several cases, the software for which demand is high enough in the contract requires payment for downloading the same thing. Thus, in this case, you must pay to download the soft... 02nd February 2011 Download ringtones to mobile phone directly to your desktop or your mobile phone Mobile phone users are willing to pay within six times more on mobile downloads from the time they spent for this two years ago and this information has been gathered from the survey data to mobile users . In a recent study which identified that the i... 02nd February 2011 Mobile Content is a media type that is used on mobile phones The provider of mobile content available in cyberspace is the place to download all the necessary elements With each passing year we see that there are new phones being introduced on the market and people are using new technology rampant. There are a... 02nd February 2011 Mobile broadband is used to describe different types of wire less Internet access Mobile broadband is used to describe different types of wire less Internet access through a portable modem or telephone Mobile broadband is an old concept that only works when there is a modem attached to it. An external connection is always necessary ... 02nd February 2011 MMS or the multi media message service is a standard way to send MMS clips MMS or the multi media message service is a standard way to send messages which includes multimedia content through mobile phones. Humans have been many inventions in their lives. Plans computers, phones and spaceships, they have seen everything. Howev... 02nd February 2011 Government is the agency through which political leaders exercises authority The government could refer to the governing committee of a State which can be further divided internally to be assigned to a specific department such as education, religion and other organizations. These bodies may also have different names within the spe... 01st February 2011 Funny is a smile or laugh in the face of all human beings. Funny or pleasure is linked at any time, action, image, photo, video, entertainment, jokes, character, animal, human or any caricature, etc. Nobody can say where this strange word is derived, but any action that brings a smile or laugh, seeing or feeling ... 01st February 2011 DRAWING TIPS FOR CHILDREN. Art is divine. Drawing is one such form of godliness is null and void, since the stone ages. Literally means drawing tool to create images of any surface. In the old era, when there were hardly any tools, the man began to draw the fingers of sand, clay an... 31st January 2011 DISCOVERY WORLD world of innovation and the world is moving towards the same functionality through the various discoveries that humans are capable of doing. Discovery has been completed and will be in all that show progress through the use of our uniqueness and our minds... 31st January 2011 Sources to get videos and images of circus performances Circus videos are readily available in the Internet or you can get them on DVD If you are looking for exciting circus video then you can do in cyberspace and a number of CD and DVD shops. For those looking for some excitement and fun it is advisable th... 31st January 2011 Prominent and endearing cartoon characters designed till date Cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny classics If we look at history, we do not see that there are many cartoon characters that became popular over the years and generation after generation has taken to various cartoon characters and have grown up with t... 31st January 2011 An assortment of arts forms existing in Indian culture Art is a creative, imaginative and conceptualized studio attached to literary, visual or performing in nature. It has nonscientific knowledge, considered collectively. Art is a global activity with certain principles and disciplines and can be described i... 28th January 2011 Different types of animations and their services to mankind Two-dimensional or three-dimensional display in a rapid series of images in different positions to create a movement known as the reality of the animation. motion must be appropriate to create visual impact and can be seen, and in many ways to get the rea... 28th January 2011 Comparison of android with other mobiles manufactured Software for mobile devices released Android treasure: an operating system for mobile applications and an important undertaking. To take full advantage of the Android mobile applications from scratch to relieve the developers to create a common ground ... 28th January 2011