Cade Lennox's Articles en-us Replace Your Fad Diet With A Fiber Diet That Works When you want to get rid of those annoying pounds you will need to follow a diet that includes a lot of fiber. Fiber is proven to help your body become healthy and reach your weight loss goals. Even though losing weight is a major goal of many you ... 28th June 2011 Retaining Your Calcium for Strong Bones Many people do not want to get osteoporosis as they get older. It is important to keep the calcium that is in your bones instead of losing it. The ways that calcium can be lost from the bones is by consuming acidic foods and by not exercising. When peo... 16th May 2011 Add Brown Rice To Your Diet Brown rice is a healthier addition to your food storage plan. However, white rice will store indefinitely. Rice tends to be a very popular food item in most people’s diet. Many people in the world use rice as one of their main food sources. While ... 10th May 2011