RonnaKenk's Articles en-us The Disadvantages of the "Quick Weight Loss Diets" Trend Quite often, a lot of overweight people who decide to embark on a weight loss program or diet spend a lot on smaller size dresses to serve as a source of motivation at the beginning only to end up feeling guilty, angry and frustrated once they fail to ach... 24th January 2011 Keeping Off Weight With Appropriate Weight Loss Diet The appropriate weight loss diet that will help one lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is one that strikes an appropriate balance between the three main sources of energy which are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This sought of diet is usually... 24th January 2011 Rapid Weight Loss Diet Programs There are many varieties of diet programs that promote or claim to achieve rapid weight loss. Of these many programs, or systems, there are basically 3 main categories. These are as follows: 1. A Liquid-Based Detox Diet This style of fast weight los... 21st January 2011