Jenovah's Articles en-us Green Appliance Use Fact: The average home is a bigger pollutant than an average car. This is because most power plants run on coal and natural gas. Household appliances and electronics contribute to this in no small way. And though right now we can’t imagine living life wit... 07th March 2011 Biggest Sustainability Issues in 2011 Company CEOs are now seeing sustainability not just as a social responsibility, but as a means to lower operational costs, increase profit, and strengthen relationships with customers. According to reports, “93% of [global compact] CEOs see sustainability... 07th February 2011 How to Teach Sustainability to Children A lot of us, whether at home or at work, are now familiar with sustainability and what practices it entails. But have we ever stopped to think if sustainability itself also needs to be sustained? Yes, it does. Like values, sustainability has to be instil... 01st February 2011 Sustainable Workplace Culture Sustainability is primarily linked with ecological preservation for future generations to come. In businesses, sustainability is being practiced through measurable things, like electricity, water, and office supplies. Sustainability, however, transcends t... 20th January 2011 Sustainability During the Christmas Season ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Unfortunately, ‘tis also the season of huge piles of waste. Whenever the holiday season arrives, an additional 1 million tons of household waste is generated from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. That’s 25% more than the usu... 17th January 2011