Med Hatt's Articles en-us Learn How to Make Candle at Home After a long days work, candle making is a hobby you are able to count on to let you unwind and sooth your senses. It is more than just a hobby. It's an art form that allows individuality through the creation of "signature" designs. Learning how to ma... 19th January 2011 How to Apply Makeup Most women think of eye makeup as quite complicated as there is an array of cosmetics, products, colors and shades that are available these days. It can get quite a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the right shade of eye shadow or liner. But if you... 14th January 2011 Makeup Style Find the Makeup Ideas and Quick Makeup Every woman has her own reasons for using makeup. Firstly, a woman uses makeup to enhance her assets and hide her flaws. Using makeup makes her feel beautiful and more confident about herself, which shows in the way she does things. You should aim for... 14th January 2011