Kevin Fernandez's Articles en-us Enthusiastic Actress Saira Banu With a career spread over around 2 decades, Saira Banu enthralled the film audience from the 1960s to 80s. She is daughter to Naseem Banu, popular film star in the 30s-40s period. Saira is well known for charming appearance and skillful acting in her film... 01st June 2011 Nandita Das - The Lady with Substance Nandita Das - her acting potential and her films - is acclaimed not just in India but internationally also. She epitomizes the young Indian woman who fights against injustice in the social set up in her own ways and tries to make people conscious of the p... 01st June 2011 Bollywood - An Exceptional Film Industry Dharma Productions have been producing many mega hits in Hindi film industry. For many years, their films have appealing a huge number of people because their films are perfectly rendered stories with reputed star cast. The success at box office for each ... 17th May 2011 The Skillful Ajay Devgan of Bollywood Popular actor, producer, filmmaker Ajay Devgan was earlier known as Vishal Veeru Devgan. Well known actress of Bollywood, Kajol is Ajay's wife. Ajay is the first Hindi film actor to buy an aircraft for his private use like going to locations for shooting ... 11th May 2011 Parveen Babi - The Diva of Hindi Film Industry There are a few actors and actresses who even after their death remain fresh in the hearts of people for various reasons. Their enigmatic personality, scintillating on-screen performances and unconventional ways of living life have left a mark in the ... 10th May 2011 Bollywood - An Exceptional Movie Industry Dharma Productions is house to several blockbuster movies in Bollywood. For a lot of years, their films have attractive a huge number of people because their films are perfectly rendered stories with reputed star cast. The success at box office for each o... 10th May 2011 Ajay Devgan - A Talented Actor A good filmmaker, producer and of course an amazing actor, Vishal Veeru Devgan, is none other than Ajay Devgan. He is married to the talented film actress Kajol. He is the first actor in Bollywood to have an aircraft that he uses to go to shooting venue a... 10th May 2011 The Evergreen Dev Anand of Bollywood Dev Anand, affectionately called as the evergreen performer of Bollywood, made public go mad with his acting skills. Other than being an amazing actor, he was also a director and a producer. A native of Gurdaspur, he has two famous filmmakers Vijay Anand ... 10th May 2011 Lord Krishna, the Naughty God Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki, the sister of Kansa and Vasudevar. Before Lord Krishna took birth, Narada predicted that eighth child of Devaki will kill Kansa. Listening to this, he puts both of them in prison and kills each of their seven children. S... 20th April 2011 Konkona Sen Sharma: The Actress With Versatility And Sensitivity Konkona Sen Sharma is one of the finest actresses in Indian film industry and has enacted different kinds of roles in the movie industry. While referring to Konkona Sen Sharma, one should keep in mind that she is not the conventional Bollywood actress who... 20th April 2011 Yesteryear Star Of Bollywood - Waheeda Rehman Waheeda Rehman, a brilliant actress, is popular for the ideal rendition of her characters. In the film industry, she is one of the few very well known yesteryear actresses. She was born in a conservative Muslim family from the place called Chengalpattu in... 20th April 2011 Kangana Ranaut - Promising Young Actress Kangana Ranaut is a beautiful new actress from the Hindi film industry. She is the daughter of Amardeep Kaur, a businessman and Asha, a school teacher, residing at Himachal. Confident about her talent and beauty, she decided to take up a career in modelin... 20th April 2011 Successful Movie Career of Konkona Sen Sharma Konkona Sen Sharma is one of India's finest actresses and has done many films in Hindi film industry. Konkona Sen Sharma deserves respect when we talk about her movies and roles as she is not a conventional actor who has just appeared in some of the Hindi... 19th April 2011 Setting a New Trend in the Movie Industry - Konkona Sen Sharma Konkona Sen Sharma is one of India's leading actresses and has done a lot of movies in Hindi film industry. Konkona Sen Sharma needs respect when people speak about her movies and roles as she isn't a conventional actress who has only shown her face in so... 06th April 2011 Nargis: The Evergreen Actress Actress Nargis with an original name of Fatima Rashid was one among the legendary and talented actresses of Hindi cinema. Her screen name means 'Narcissus', the flower. She debuted in to the film industry as a child actress in the film Talash-E-Haq in '35... 29th March 2011 How Do Trailers Get People Hooked To The Film? Trailers are certainly a good way to evoke public interest for a film and also compel them watch the film. Bollywood previews are considered to be essential in the film industry and occupy a unique place. Before the release of the film itself, previews wi... 29th March 2011 How Do Trailers Get People Interested? Trailers are the best tools to pique the interest of the audience and interest them into watching the movie. In Hindi movie industry, Bollywood trailers are inevitable and occupy a very unique place. Before the release of the film itself, trailers will be... 21st March 2011 New Stars Of Bollywood Bollywood is seeing an increasing number of talented stars. Many upcoming Bollywood movies are casting new stars over reputed artists because their movies mostly pull the audience to theatres. In Addition youth oriented films need young artists. Sever... 03rd March 2011 Punjabification Of Bollywood Impact of Punjabi customs on Bollywood is not a recent phenomenon that is visible only in the newest Bollywood films. Not surprisingly, most of the popular songs from latest Bollywood films that get you in the groove have distinct Punjabi beats and wor... 03rd March 2011 Twittering Bollywood Stars Bollywood stars are reaching out to the public through Twitter. Stars have taken to tweeting in a huge way, finding time to connect with followers in between their busy work timings. Followers are happier than ever to interact with their favorite celebs o... 23rd February 2011 Evolution Of Indian Cinema Over The Past Few Decades The dawn of commercial cinema with the focus on entertaining the people happened in 1970s and is usually regarded as the starting point for contemporary Hindi cinema and the trend continues in today's Indian movie industry. Although some directors such as... 09th February 2011 The Influence Of Bollywood On Indian Society On one hand, movies reflects the customs of the society, and on the other hand, it itself affects and impacts the thinking of the audience. We follow movies enthusiastically and even carry them into our lives using services like Bollywood mobile sites and... 08th February 2011 Bollywood - A Rich And Intriguing History The birth of Bollywood dated back to 1913, the year in which Dadasaheb Phalke's silent film Raja Harishchandra was released. It was a massive hit and served as an impetus to several creative people and technicians to make their own movies. The advent of t... 10th January 2011