marry williams's Articles en-us Luxurious Antiques The kind of rare stuff that gets under the auction hammer these days is pretty bizarre. This time an unusual piece of artifact, a Roman cavalry helmet, is going to be auctioned in Britain with an estimated price of $300,000. The helmet was found by a met... 26th January 2011 Susan Sarandon's Spin It was a direct trip from Miami to Marrakech, where she had been promoting her ping pong club Spin at the international art fair. From a black rubber-covered ping pong table to another one in the middle of a swimming pool, Susan Sarandon had her first tas... 24th January 2011 Expense with Class In the world of luxury gadgetry, Stuart Hughes, who stunned the globe with the world’s most expensive mobile phone and is the owner of the world renowned, Gold Striker International, is now all set to bring out an all new sizzling custom designed Apple iP... 24th January 2011