allen yonsin's Articles en-us How This Journalist Became A Pet Photography Before, this journalist used to question the things going on in her life. She just did not lose a brother but also her job. Being a photographer and her dog was all she had in her name. She also had a business idea and her website ... 04th April 2011 Common Tips About Make Up Before A Wedding Portrait The best wedding pictures are the ones where the bride and the groom seem to be carefree and indifferent to the fact that they are posing n front of the camera. The day the picture is to be clicked, the bridegroom should have a fresh haircut and completel... 14th March 2011 Artists' Insight The room is peaceful, with blues music and scratches setting the mood. Using pencils, pastels, and paints, seventeen artists seated in a circle give their own renditions of a single subject. Looking upward, a dance instructor sits as the subject in the mi... 16th February 2011 Being Both A Painter And A Musician Art and music always go together for this one artist. He was used having a house that has singing and painting all the time. As he went to school he then learned that not all the children had a knack for drawing or singing. Music has now been his life aft... 13th January 2011