Keith Richard Cornwell's Articles en-us Natural Tips to Speed up Metabolism Losing weight is one of the problems for many people especially if their metabolism is at a slow rate. It can be frustrating at times since all efforts have been done to enhance metabolism and have the perfect shape. Well, fret no more because there are ... 04th May 2011 Healthy Fasting Diet Plan to Lose Weight People nowadays are into fasting diet plan. These include obese and other fitness conscious individuals. However, there are so many methods that you can implement. A lot of this fasting diet to lose weight is even endorsed by popular individuals like cele... 04th May 2011 Effective Treatments of Bulimia Nervosa An individual who is suffering from bulimia nervosa can be a struggle for them. As you know, bulimia nervosa is kind of eating disorder wherein an individual suddenly binge into eating and will be followed by an impulsive onset of stress and efforts to av... 04th May 2011 The Benefits of A Fasting Diet Plan With many people getting heavier and heavier, it is always important to get ideas going on how to lose weight without hurting your body. That is why it is important to have a good diet plan to begin with. There are several things that are going to make yo... 18th January 2011