perry white's Articles en-us A Talented Artist And Her Passion For Pets Thanks to a lady artist's great talent, many a family pet will be immortalized on the mantel. She agrees that anyone with a dog, cat, pony or white rat thinks it is the most intelligent and beautiful pet on the block. The mantel will soon have the likenes... 15th March 2011 Oil Painting Art - The Advantages And Disadvantages Over and again, a local resident from Bridgewater has put on canvas the spectacular image of Shenandoah Valley. Painting nature is not the only reason this artist has been carrying around easel and oils to mountains and cornfields. More than that, she use... 14th March 2011 A Portrait as a Wedding Gift Many artists shy away from doing portraits, preferring not even to try to capture an emotion, a mood, or a moment as it flickers across a human face. Portraits abound on the living room walls of a Marion home owned by a brave, self taught portrait artist ... 18th February 2011 Dogs As Subjects For Portraits Three years before this journalist has questioned how her life was going. Both her job and brother has slipped away from her life. All that was really in her name was her lovely dog and her talent as a photographer. With her, as well were her website and ... 10th January 2011