carole delglyn's Articles en-us 2012 Predictiona The idea that the world (or humanity’s existence) will end on the 21st of December 2012 is a prophesy we are all familiar with. The main source is it is the end of the Mayan Calander. This Long Count calendar has lasted for five thousand one hundred... 29th December 2010 Tummy Tuck Advice, Women and men often get layers of fat and skin, after severe weight loss and have a tummy tuck. In women this is also often after pregnancy. In this operation.the skin is lifted, freeing the tissue and fat from muscle allowing the surgeon to manipulate a... 29th December 2010 Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Many people are choosing to have plastic surgery abroad for two reasons firstly it is half the cost of the UK. People also like the idea of having the recovery period in privacy away from family and friends. In the past people thought it was risky but as... 29th December 2010