globallover's Articles en-us Global warming-Not good for world The people, who read this article, please try to get answers for my questions. Why the climate now is so cold? Why there is heavy rainfall in some part of the countries? Why big glacier mountains are getting melted? Why the life span of people in many co... 01st February 2011 Earth- My Future is in Your Hand Earth is the wonderful planet, where the resources are in abundance and it is the fifth largest planet of the solar system. It was the only place where there is a possibility to survive, and the age of or earth is 4.5 billion years. The future of our eart... 17th December 2010 All about Asian Global warming India is an agricultural country and we mostly depend on agricultural commodities, but I am not sure that in future whether we can able to get these products in well ahead. I am not saying simply, really in future we will face a demand in these products. ... 17th December 2010