mcwest's Articles en-us Free Divorce Help - Divorce Advice for Men Men who are going through a divorce have some special considerations to make in order to make the divorce go as smooth as possible. This is especially true for those who are going through a contentious divorce. Of course, divorce cases are different, and ... 14th March 2011 How to Get a Divorce Using Free Divorce Forms Online Going through a divorce is not only an emotional ordeal but a financial one as well. Many people who go through it find themselves struggling financially just to keep paying a divorce lawyer. However, there are instances where you can have the option of g... 23rd February 2011 Free Divorce Advice for Women Undergoing Emotional Abuse Trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage? This article brings light to what goes on during emotional abuse and provides free divorce advice that women should know in order for them to make the best decision possible regarding their situations. Emotio... 15th December 2010 Way to Get a Cheap Divorce Online Divorce is normally associated with a lot of drama, as couples fight custody of their children, as well as their properties and belongings accumulated while they were together. Not to mention, a nasty divorce can run both parties to the ground when they c... 15th December 2010 Questions About Division of Property During Divorce Home is where the heart is, which is why is it very difficult to consider the possibility of parting ways with your property during a divorce. Setting up the division of property during divorce is always an obstacle that may seem impossible to overcome, e... 15th December 2010