Sangeetha's Articles en-us How Kids Can Learn Empathy and Help Animals Today classroom activities are not enough for children, they need to learn more. We need to teach kids more apart from mathematics and science. Children need to learn empathy to grow up into caring and responsible adults. Kids can learn empathy from anima... 10th January 2011 What does kids do in there leisure time? What does kids do in there leisure time? Children bring bundle of joy to families. They are the pillars of happiness. It is in the hands of the parents to provide good atmosphere for ensuring proper growth of children. Parents must always keep an eye of... 20th December 2010 Your Child’s Remarkable Brain The human brain has within itself some incredible capabilities waiting to be activated. First, we should understand that it is not lack of skills or competence in your child that sets him/her apart from brainy kids, but it is external stimuli, learning me... 13th December 2010