Codeblue's Articles en-us How to Whiten Your Skins after Sunburn in Summer Holiday Recently, a lot of friends go to have beach vacation trip, but they are very concerned about how to return white after sunburn. Many people like to lie on the sand and enjoy the sunshine; however, when they come back, they find their skins have various sy... 18th October 2011 Several Ways of Using Phones Would Damage Your Health Mobile phones are the high-tech communication products in the current information age and they have entered into every field in work and life. Cell phone calls are realized through high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which not only have damage on nervou... 28th June 2011 Male Skin Needs More Careful Conservation Speaking of skin maintenance and care, people often think that this is the issue of women. In fact, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of men are bigger than females, and their skin acidity is also higher than women. Moreover, men often work in the dif... 28th June 2011 Top Constellations Who Are Helpful in Career of Their Husbands Behind a successful man, there must be a great woman. What kind of women could be the women behind the successful men? The followings are the top constellations: Top 1: Cancer Cancer is naturally kind, hard-working, kind-hearted, and family oriented,... 22nd June 2011 Skin Care Habits to Help You Say Goodbye to Eye Wrinkles Do you know how to judge a womanís age? Eye is most likely to reveal gaps of age, so it is very important to settle dark circles and fine lines. The aging of the skin starts from the thinnest skin of the eye, which is the key point to decide whether yo... 16th June 2011 How to Own White and Bright Skin by Using Tomatoes and Green Tea It is really not quite an easy thing to have white and bright skins. Maybe we can find materials by our side to beautify our skins. Letís see how to tomatoes and green tea in skin care. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, which are know... 10th May 2011 Do Not Neglect Skin Care After Snow Although it is the end of winter, many places starts to snow again. People have to go out to work and they may suffer from the skin problems caused by snow. Here, I will introduce several ways for people to protect skins in snow days. Pay attention to ... 28th February 2011 Seven Hazards of Environmental Noise In modern society, environmental noise is not rare, especially in big cities. However, the environmental noise causes a lot problems and even diseases to people. Hearing damage If people live and work in noisy environments for a long time, their heari... 24th February 2011 Incorrect Common Views of Facial Cleanser When people take care of their skins, they often make some mistakes they will not realize. If you do something wrong in the first step, it may have no effect in protecting skins. So, people have to know those incorrect common views. Mistake One: The mo... 16th February 2011 What Kinds of Flowers You Can Send in Christmas Day The year 2010 is near the end and the New Year is coming soon. To celebrate this festival, many people choose to send fresh flowers as presents. However, it is also important to know the flower language and numbers, for it concerns about expressions of em... 18th January 2011 How to Make Your Eyes Look Young Forever Do you want to keep young forever? If you focus on eyes, the effect will be the most immediate. Smooth skin around eyes and bright eyes are the typical label of youth. If you do not want to expose your age, you have to learn ways to make eyes young. Sk... 10th January 2011