Ashish Kulkarni's Articles en-us Waste Management : Made Simple You can find specialized environmental firms that present advice and services for waste collection, not just for householders, but also for industries and businesses. They're experienced in all areas of waste management solutions and will remove all of yo... 02nd March 2011 Recycling: How do you encourage your colleagues? In essence, many factory staff have the identical mentality when it comes to issues that do not seem to be their job, or require too a lot of time. If you’re attempting to get your organization to recycle a lot more, here are some ideas you might desire... 01st March 2011 Recycling: It Really Is Straightforward, Try It Of course you don’t do this yourself, or could you? When you recycle, pretty much means that energy is saved. When a manufacturing company decides to make new stuff out of old stuff, it saves lots of energy. A good example of this would be the recycling... 01st March 2011 WEEE Recycling: Legal Requirements When thinking about recycling individuals automatically think of paper, cardboard, glass and plastic. We rarely give a second thought to what will be happening to our white goods and general electrical appliances once we‘ve decided they will need to go ... 28th February 2011 Ignorance is NO excuse! A recent case concerning Anderton Concrete Products Ltd highlights this ignorance, the following is directly from the EA: Concrete business fails to comply with packaging regulations Leicestershire concrete manufacturer ordered to pay over £50,000 ... 22nd February 2011 New Weee Targets A full plenary session of the Parliament in Brussels voted 580 to 37 in favour of the proposals, which were made in a report prepared by MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz, the man responsible for steering the recast of the EU WEEE Directive by means of the European ... 22nd February 2011