Shushmul Maheshwari's Articles en-us Indian Cosmetic Industry Set for Tremendous Growth Indian cosmetic market is not only expanding, but also becoming more sophisticated and complex due to the influence of western culture on population. Media has played a very crucial role in the industry’s growth by presenting cosmetic products as an unavo... 21st September 2011 Growing Mobile Commerce Triggering the Growth of LBS Advances in the internet and network technology and the rapidly growing number of mobile personal devices result in the fast growth of Mobile E-Commerce and M-Commerce. A special case of M-commerce is Location Based Services (LBS) where often the actual p... 19th September 2011 US Spa Market Poised for Healthy Growth The spa industry has witnessed stupendous growth during the last decade. The popularity of spas comes in large part because of the stress of modern living, and the desire of the aging population to stay as young looking and acting as possible. The industr... 06th July 2011 Turkish Wind Energy Installations to Grow 31.6% CAGR by 2014 According to our recent research report “Turkey Wind Sector Analysis”, the government’s bid to decrease import dependency on energy needs and to reduce green house emissions, is proving decisive for renewable energy sources, especially for wind energy sec... 30th June 2011 Brazilian Skin Care Market Offering Inherent Growth Prospects According to our research report “Cosmetic and Personal Care Market in Brazil”, skin care is among the fastest growing segments in Brazil cosmetic and personal care market. The segment has been witnessing rapid deployment of innovative products on the bac... 20th June 2011 Mobile Subscribers in Nigeria to grow at 13% CAGR by 2014 According to our research report “Nigeria Telecom Sector Analysis”, the Nigerian telecom sector has successfully established itself as the largest telecom market in Africa. The size of subscriber base in the sector has been growing incessantly due to the ... 20th June 2011 DRM Solutions to Prosper with Thriving Mobile Gaming Market According to our research report “Global DRM Market Analysis”, global DRM market has grown significantly during the past years and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% during 2008-2014. As per our study, mobile gaming market is creating huge potenti... 16th June 2011 Rising Mobile Users Base Driving the Nigeria Telecom Market According to our latest research report “Nigeria Telecom Sector Analysis”, the country has emerged as the largest telecom market in Africa with continuous investments and reforms in its telecom sector. Mobile is playing a crucial role in the development o... 12th May 2011 Civil Aerospace to Drive the Global Aerospace Market The global aerospace industry has witnessed an impressive growth during the past few years, with civil aviation segment emerging as the major contributor towards the growth of the industry. The US and European countries have been the dominant markets of t... 04th May 2011 German Photovoltaic Capacity to Reach 41.6 GWp by 2014 According to our latest research report “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, Germany has been the global leader in photovoltaic industry during the past decade. Energy import dependency, limited fossil & nuclear resources, and vast availability of solar... 04th May 2011 Vietnam Municipal Waste Management Market Expecting a Boom Time Ahead According to our recent research offering “Vietnam Solid Waste Market Analysis”, rapid economic growth coupled with fast urbanization during the last decade in Vietnam has pushed municipal solid waste management at the forefront of environmental challenge... 03rd May 2011 South African Bank Deposit Showing Impressive Growth According to our research report “South African Banking Sector Analysis”, South African banking sector is well-developed and highly liberalized. It is one of the largest and most deregulated sectors within the emerging markets. With the improvement in ove... 31st March 2011 Street Lighting Systems Market in India Surging High Due to the huge untapped potential, especially in remote rural areas, where grid connected electricity is not available, solar based street lighting systems are the best alternatives. The Indian government is providing incentive and tariffs to increase so... 29th March 2011 Global Fuel Cells Market to Witness Splendid Growth According to our latest report “Fuel Cell Industry Analysis”, an extensive government support has been fuelling rapid growth in the fuel cell market. The global fuel cell market was expected to reach US$ 2.6 Billion in 2010, up from US$ 850 Million in 20... 28th March 2011 Telecom Sector Driving the Demand for Smart Cards The telecom sector remains the leading area of application for smart cards throughout the world. The chief driver for the smart card industry is SIM card usage in every mobile phone. From the global perspective, the mobile market is speedily becoming matu... 15th March 2011 Rising Private and Public Participation to Drive Nigerian 3G Market With the uninterrupted reforms and investments, Nigeria’s telecom sector has emerged as the largest telecom industry in the African continent. Efforts by the government and private telecom players have resulted in several technological developments during... 06th March 2011 China to Drive Global IVD Market According to our latest report entitled “Global In Vitro Diagnostic Market Analysis” the IVD market worldwide has been witnessing impressive growth rate patterns for the last few years. The market is primarily growing on the back of drivers, such as techn... 28th February 2011 Chinese Footwear Retail Market Poised to Grow at 10% CAGR According to our research report “China Footwear Market Analysis”, China has emerged as the largest shoe producing and exporting country worldwide during the past few years. The market witnessed remarkable growth during the past few years due to its huge ... 22nd February 2011 Strong Government Support to Drive Chinese Apparel Industry Apparel and textile industry forms an integral part of the industrial sector in China. While the government emphasis on promotion of manufacturing sector has given a new dimension to the industry, presence of skilled & cheap manpower, strong production li... 18th February 2011 India to Witness Hike in 3G Mobile Subscribers Indian mobile market has undergone a revolutionary change during the past few years to become one of the leading mobile markets on the global map. Wireless teledensity has also risen to the level of around 45% at the end of 2009, however still there is a ... 15th February 2011 In-store Sales to Witness Sky Rocketing Growth The US convenience stores (c-stores) industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing sectors that present lucrative investment opportunities for new players. Convenience store segment that forms nearly 12% of the US retail industry experienced ... 05th February 2011 Government Initiatives to Propel Turkey’s Telecom Sector The Turkish telecom sector is far away from reaching saturation as the penetration levels in the market remains considerably low except mobile telephony services penetration, which stood at nearly 92% at the end of 2008. Contrary to this, Internet penetra... 27th January 2011