Skip Conover's Articles en-us Stop Thinking of a Tsunami as a Wave People are largely ignorant about the power of a tsunami, so it's time to review once again what a tsunami is. It is not a traditional sea wave. You know, we're talking about those swells we can body or board surf on, and that go right by us at the beac... 07th April 2011 Conservatives Defeat the Middle Class with Smoke and Mirrors Wall Street bankers think they are entitled to $100 million bonuses. They think they are worth it because they have skewed the concentration of wealth in the United States. They are getting away with eating the face off the Middle Class, and few of them ... 04th April 2011 What Will We Do with Inadequate Internet Capacity? The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, and Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya's Revolution 2.0, prove to us that the world has become dependent upon social networks for so many functions that the owners of those networks need to be thinking of thei... 23rd March 2011