Amy's Articles en-us The Only Way to Avoid Phone Calls is Mobile Phone Jammer Mobile phones are the most useful device for communication but sometimes they create a serious problem for us and we wish if we could control its functioning or avoid phone calls without switching it off so that the people at the other end donít realize t... 19th September 2011 Cell Phone Jammer is the Ideal Solution to Get Rid of Noise Problem The excessive use of cell phones has created a backlash in the society. While some phone users maintain social norms talking over phone, many others noisily chat about their personal, professional or business talk in public areas. On buses, trains, shoppi... 19th May 2011 Mobile Phone Jammer Saves You From the Trouble of Noisy Desperation Mobile phones are a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. It is considered to be very useful for communication but sometimes this device becomes the cause of many problems. We meet with disturbances created by cell phones and wish that if we could contr... 02nd March 2011 Cell Phone Jammer Is the First Priority Step to Avert Disturbances and Assure Security The cell phone jammer is specifically designed device to block the mobile signals within a fixed range from several meters. This gadget is often implemented in such places where speaking on cell phones is strictly prohibited or where silence is mostly des... 28th February 2011