Douglas's Articles en-us Catch hold of amazing calling facilities on Kooltel America Internet phones have become highly popular amongst the people today. There are a huge number of internet phone service providers across USA. Whom can you possibly trust? Who gives you the maximum number of benefits at reasonable prices? Well, its undoub... 18th October 2011 Kooltel America, a different new way of communication Phones are probably the oldest mode of communication. Internet phone has transformed this service into an outstanding new method of communication as it offers you the opportunity to talk incessantly, without paying extra cost. KoolTel America is the servi... 19th September 2011 KoolTel America enables you to connect with your near and dear ones more conveniently If we started to make a list of some of the most innovative and effectual technological innovations of the recent past, then the foremost name that comes in our mind is none other than the internet phone services. Since its very advent, it has been widely... 05th September 2011 KoolTel America enables you to make unlimited domestic calls Telephonic communications are now being considered as an integral part of our lives. Wherever we go, we can hardly imagine leaving our cell phones behind as we cannot afford to miss any calls. But the fact that worries us a lot is the expensive call rates... 17th August 2011 Enjoying unlimited domestic calling only with KoolTel America Distances do not exist when a telephone or cell phone is there with you! But what if you can get to make calls right from your PC or laptop and that too at reduced prices? Such a facility is now being made available by KoolTel America, the premier interne... 17th August 2011 Enjoy Innovative Communication on Kooltel America Phone is considered among the advanced modes of communication. The invention of internet phones has come as a boon as it allows having conversation with someone for a longer period of time. However the frequent call drops and interruption by static noise ... 17th August 2011 Maximize calling with KoolTel America Communication has reached its highest peak owing to diverse internet facilities. Now with the introduction of kooltel-america you are privileged to receive the best calling facilities available in the country. It consists of a Freedom Plan that allows you... 04th August 2011 Beat the Summer Blues with KoolTel America Phone Service Take home Kooltel America phone service, remove all the woes and worries this summer and enjoy this summer time to the fullest. You can enjoy a couple of special features like unlimited domestic calling service at cheap rate, exclusive 500 minute calling ... 21st June 2011 Kool Tel America: Telecom Redefined! Telecom is one of the more transient modes of communication. No matter how much you communicate through emails or online chat, a voice conversation can never be replaced by the written word. You will have to agree that when you make calls over the Interne... 17th February 2011 KoolTel America: Communication Made Simpler The world of communication is predominantly dependent on the telephone. There have been strides towards using emails and online chat as suitable alternatives for the telephone but none has matched up. There seems to be no substitute for a voice communicat... 14th February 2011 Get Unlimited Domestic Phone Calls from KoolTel America Do you need to call a lot? Are you paying a hefty amount every month for your phone bill? Here is the right solution for you get unlimited domestic phone calls just for $17.76 per month from KoolTel America and make as many number of domestic calls as y... 10th January 2011 Save bucks, get into calling spree with KoolTel America With the advancement of science and technology there has been a drastic change in the functioning of communication industry. There was a time when calling was an expensive affair and only a handful of people can get the privilege of buzzing. Remember the ... 19th November 2010 Enjoy Exciting Offer by KoolTel America KoolTel America is the latest buzz ringing throughout the nation. KoolTel has reached new heights of success in the field of telecommunication in the United States. This service allows you to make calls to anyplace in North America using your computer! I ... 16th November 2010 KoolTel America phones: A perfect communique for Gen-Next With internet creating buzz everywhere, world of communication too cannot stay away from its magic spell. Music, video, news, e-mails; you can access them all from your computer screen. Now it has gone a step ahead. You can even make calls from personal c... 08th November 2010 Buzz your good times with KoolTEl America phone Tring, tring whos there? Such buzzing tunes are no longer heard. Todays world is about computer, cell phones and many more. Internet has caught all the attention and if it is the world of communication, it has also witnessed a revolution. Gone are the t... 18th October 2010