Jeffy Kimmel's Articles en-us The Wonders of Lasers Definitely, lasers are not like this before. Today, you can see them in supermarket bar code scanners, compact disk players and laser printers. In fact, even ophthalmologists use this kind of technology to repair detached retinas as well as surgeons who u... 24th November 2010 How Unwanted Hair can be Removed Sounding pretty much like a child's riddle in this. Is the preparedness to be thick and bountiful on one part of our bodies but invisible on another something we have? Are we prepared to spend billions both to encourage and discourage? Beautiful on our he... 09th November 2010 The hair growth cycle and its importance Having body hair that is inconvenient and difficult can ruin one's day. Women have suffered too long from the persistent humiliation of it. These days it is easier to manage unwanted hair as there are many hair removal treatments out in the market. Be... 13th October 2010