mannicra's Articles en-us Wireless Keypad & Blu-ray For Playstation 3 Since the PlayStation 3 was always meant to take over the computer, the introduction of a wireless keyboard was only a matter of time, as without it, browsing the internet is nearly impossible. And of course, with the introduction of PlayStation Network H... 21st September 2010 Psp For Music Instead Of Ipod? It seems that now the PSP has been out for a couple of years, many owners are trying to branch out in the things they use their PSP for. If youve ever wondered about downloading music to your little PSP, or just wondered where the music may come from, che... 21st September 2010 Playstation Home In Playstation 3 The idea of online avatars and social networking has really caught on with the advent of virtual worker such as Second Life. Seeing their popularity, Sony wanted in on it and created PlayStation Home - a virtual world that jets PlayStation Network users c... 21st September 2010 How Good Is The Nintendo Wii? Complete Review You dont just play Wii, you experience it! Since its launch in 2006, the Wii has quickly revolutionized the console gaming market. Not only have its motion sensitive controls grabbed the excitement of avid gamers, but Wii has truly been the first console... 21st September 2010