Debbie LW's Articles en-us Why You Should Avoid Anti-Bacterial Products According to the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners are not necessary, and may even be harmful to your health. Manufacturers and/or advertisers of anti-bacterial products use parentís fear of germs to sell t... 08th March 2011 Benefits of Green Cleaning for the Economy We are all familiar with the benefits of green cleaning to the environment, but we never really realized how it could help the economy. Fact, we can lessen expenses by using these eco-friendly cleaning products.   In the United States, there is... 09th February 2011 Simple Ways to Cure Diaper Rash One of the most common skin problems that every mother may encounter for their babies is diaper rash. It is important to keep the babyís bottom clean and dry to prevent this type of skin problem. You can easily recognize it by having sore, rough and red s... 10th November 2010