New Media Services's Articles en-us Web and Mobile Polling System Measuring public opinions through polling about a latest computer gadget or a rising Hollywood celebrity is becoming a fun activity. However, businesses see it as a feedback mechanism to know whether their new service is marketable or not and to strengthe... 08th April 2011 New Polling Features With the fast-changing features of technology, polling should also evolve. From time to time, new features come out to adapt to the upgrading features of mobile phones and laptops. In the market, there are dozens of polling software that offer new featur... 08th April 2011 Web Polling Using the worldwide web market, you can measure the performance of your new service to guide you in deciding whether to expand or not. You can even ask your friends if they “like”, “super like” or “not like” your new hairdo. As simple as creating your p... 08th April 2011 What is Polling? Polling is an interactive activity which aims to survey public opinion about a particular topic. A poll consists of a question and response options. It is like an item of a multiple choice type of examination. Like an examination, the respondent is requ... 08th April 2011