runforrestrun's Articles en-us The Successful Story is Still On Leonard’s success was been known since last summer when his autobiography I am one of them was published in Canada. It was a story of a business man in his 50s, who has mounted the peak of his career. A great number of outstanding businessmen and those wh... 11th March 2011 Being an Employer with Communication Skills Living in the world, we have to communicate with different people. Different words are supposed to say to different listeners. For example, in business or talking with leader, we have to treat it as a formal occasion and use correct words and expressions ... 15th February 2011 Something Useful for You in 2011 Last time when I met some of my friend in a café before Christmas, everyone was happy to share the goals achieved in this year and tell the new plans in the next year with much self-confidence. When it was my, I said that I wanted to communicate better th... 11th February 2011 Meet Different People and Use Different Words There is a special expression in China to describe the phenomenon that people use different ways to talk with different listeners—MEET DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND USE DIFFERENT WORDS. It is undoubted that some special communication skills have to be applied in a... 09th February 2011 The Secret and Magic Hidden behind Communication Do you have some trouble each time when you talk with someone, such as one of your friends? Such a trouble is called communication barrier, which reduces and blocks the effectiveness of your conversation, making your ideas mistakenly understood. Now w... 04th February 2011 Useful Tips That Improves Communication Did you have an awkward experience that nobody was listening to you when you are fully passionate about some topics and talking with your zeal from your heart? If YES, it is partly because of your failed opening speech that does not interest them; even if... 04th February 2011 Skills can be Forgotten When You Become Good AT Communication between two persons builds a bridge when they meet for the first time. It does not matter whether it is a formal or informal conversation, but a special relationship is established secretly at that time. In order to set up closer relationshi... 03rd February 2011 Key Factors Makes Communication Successful Did you consider why we can understand others? It is not because the relationship or look, instead, it is the communication that makes two parties or more understand each other though some times with misunderstanding. Understanding the basic principle... 01st February 2011 The Secret That Ancient Egyptians Wore Wigs Ancient Egyptians are the first group of people who used wigs in the world, which date may date back to 4,000 years ago. Later, wigs are brought to Europe and applied in various art festivals and plays. Beside, you can see lawyers and judges wear them in ... 15th September 2010