bailey ford's Articles en-us How to Apply Foundation At Home Use your fingers to lay foundation in the face. If using a liquid, it is necessary to apply and blend for a few minutes to cover the entire face. If you are using a cream base and then use a makeup sponge to apply to your face. Laying cream base for use i... 07th September 2010 Homemade Skin Whiteners Tips for Your Skin Start from the bottom half of your body working your way up the upper half. When spraying the sunless spray, you should bend your joints when they are applying. This reinforces the skin and ensures an even tone. Be careful not to spray too much in areas w... 02nd September 2010 Simple Tips To Silky And Healthy Your Hair Silky Hair Get a hair soft with a nice touch, apply a simple method: prepare a mayonnaise with one egg yolk and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your hair before washing. It is also necessary to prepare the hair styling products such a... 02nd September 2010