madler28's Articles en-us Hitchens and the Tea Party: Know Your Enemy My only question in relation to Christopher Hitchens’ recent Vanity Fair article about the Tea Party is, what took so long? Why haven’t you turned your guns against this dangerous and absurd movement sooner (your lone article about Beck’s rally notwithsta... 12th January 2011 Obama and the Othello Trap: Not “Easily Jealous,” and never “Perplex’d in the Extreme” I credit Ishmael Reed for saying in Sunday’s New York Times what no one else would say during the recent uproar over Obama’s refusal to “man up” or “fight back:” if the President were to do so his enemies would lurch at the opportunity to label him an ang... 11th January 2011 Outrage and Ambivalence over the President’s Tax Deal Is this Obama’s Bush Sr. moment? If true, is that even a good thing? In other words, is his tax deal a moment of courage or cowardice? Bold leadership or craven capitulation? I’ve tried to absorb many different perspectives, and the only clear ans... 07th January 2011 The Myth of the Free Market John Cassidy’s article in this week’s New Yorker offers an unanswerable argument against what he calls “the myth of the free market” that flouts at common misconceptions among Americans by walking his reader through many little discussed but unavoidable h... 04th January 2011 The Next Financial Crisis? If the latest potential financial fiasco blows up one can only shudder at the thought of what the repercussions will be. As The New York Times reports, many analysts who predicted the subprime mortgage crisis are warning of another impending meltdown, onl... 04th January 2011 The New Food Safety Bill and the Power of Targeted Fear The Senate’s bi-partisan approval of overhauling the food safety system by granting the F.D.A. authority to implement stronger regulation, increased inspections and recall powers is great news and a testament to the persuasive powers of targeted fear. Ma... 20th December 2010 FOX News Logic Knows No Bounds, Even When It Comes to National Security The recent uproar from the right over the T.S.A.’s tight security measures should come as no surprise, staggering as it may seem. When conservative commentators started calling Afghanistan “Obama’s Vietnam” at the very beginning of his presidency, well b... 09th December 2010 A Rebuttal to the Charge that Climate Experts Conspire to Raise Research Money with Hyperbole Last week, The New York Times published an article on the state of global warming science that prompted climate experts at to proclaim, “That’s how science journalism should be!” The reporter, Justin Gillis, spent months researching the m... 02nd December 2010 The Republicans unveiled their plan to terminate a program that already ended on September 30. After a hysteria-filled campaign about the dire need to cut deficits, Republicans have finally announced an initiative. As Jackie Calmes of the New York Times reports, the Republican Study Committee issued a statement last week emphasizing that “Washingt... 26th November 2010 The Good News Paradox in Obama’s America It feels like a curse. Ordinarily, we would have no reason to be anything other than joyous about the Labor Department report released on Friday. The economy added 151,000 jobs in October, and economists are starting to see real signs of recovery and di... 18th November 2010 Indispensable Reading: The Watchers, the Rise of America’s Surveillance State Shane Harris’s The Watchers, the Rise of America’s Surveillance State is a must-read for anyone interested in the war on terror. Harris, who has covered counterterrorism and electronic surveillance for National Journal since the 90’s, has composed a book... 16th November 2010 Health Care Disinformation and FOX News Logic A recent Op-Ed in The New York Times offers a thorough response to the lies coming from conservatives about health care reform, and in doing so it delineates how Republicans consistently incorporate what I like to call “FOX News Logic.” To start with t... 11th November 2010 The Tea Party Does Not Really Care About the Budget Deficit A recent New York Times article exposing the contradictory claims of the G.O.P.’s “call” for cuts is stunning, even though it reports what anyone paying attention to the news already knew. Riding the wave of populist anger at a perceived draconian govern... 09th November 2010 The Social Network: A Contemporary Citizen Kane? Everyone seems to be saying The Social Network is the defining movie of our generation and today’s version of Citizen Kane. After reading countless articles in praise of the film I finally got around to seeing it the other day, and I can say that while it... 05th November 2010 The Obama Tax Cuts Can we hear a little less about how Obama is just another tax-and-spend liberal? As the New York Times reported the other day, one third of the stimulus package consisted of tax breaks worth $116 billion, covering “95% of working families.” It also provid... 02nd November 2010 Let’s Stop Blaming Obama: The Case for Taking Collective Responsibility Matt Bai’s recent New York Times article about the modern presidency portrays an executive with severely limited abilities to shape the world and America’s destiny. It argues that globalization has made it nearly impossible to effectively manage the econ... 28th October 2010 From the John Birch Society to the Tea Party Sean Wilentz’s New Yorker article, “Confounding Fathers,” is the most thorough and precise piece on the Tea Party movement I have encountered. It explains how the movement’s ideas are not original but rather a regurgitation of crazy conspiracy theories p... 21st October 2010 The Military Is Shifting Towards Renewable Energy; Will We Follow Its Lead? This is big news. Once again, it appears the American military will lead the way. Not only is it protecting us from our enemies in the campaign against terrorism, but it is also pioneering the fight against our dependence on fossil fuels. As the Ne... 19th October 2010 In Defense of the President: Let’s Stick with this Status Quo Thomas Friedman’s editorial features drastic implications: true, Obama has accomplished a lot considering how damaged our political system is, from health care to education to financial reform. But, sadly, and not to fault Obama, this is really the best... 12th October 2010 God Is Not Great Chapter One, Setting the Table This is the first in a series of chapter by chapter analyses of God is Not Great, one of my favorite books. In “Putting It Mildly,” Hitchens lays the groundwork for his core claims: one—that secular society faces an urgent fight against the forces of r... 08th October 2010 How America’s Superpower Status is Slipping Away After finishing Anatole Kaletsky’s excellent op-ed ( I wondered why I had not seen an article like this until now. Finally someone is writing about palpable changes in global finance philosop... 05th October 2010