lauriefranklin's Articles en-us Catch the Art with … www.LaurieFranklin.Net The nature is filled with myriad colors and hues. Humans have always been fascinated by what they see, observe and feel. Perhaps this is what urged the humans to make an effort to capture all that was interesting to them in form of colors. From the nature... 01st September 2010 THE KNIT KIT Knitting is an eternal favorite craft of all those art lovers. It basically satisfies the basic need for warm clothes. Knitting can be simply explained as the interlocking of loops of yarn that is made of wool. But for art lovers, the art yarn is more tha... 31st August 2010 ART THE ABSTRACT… Pictures say a thousand words. Then what would an abstract art say? But natural, abstract art would speak a zillion words!! Any form of abstract art, being it craft or paintings, utilizes a visual dialect to communicate. They enclose a variety of hues ... 31st August 2010 ABSORB THE ABSTRACT!! Were you amazed by the marvelous and meticulous paintings in the room of Rose in the movie ‘Titanic'? The ones she insisted on nailing in her room… the ones she admired for her life? Well those were the splendid awe-inspiring abstract paintings! Y... 27th August 2010