Ashley Gunn's Articles en-us How to Easily Cut Curly Men's Hair Whenever tou are cutting curly hair you need to use the proper techniques for each and every hair-type, guaranteeing the end result appears natural and also refined. Curly hair especially can be challenging to cut, because it is thicker and unmanageable. ... 14th February 2011 How To Do Tricks On A Razor Scooter The Razor is a scooter-a two-wheel ride which moves forwards and also back again using a push from the rider's feet. The rider stands upright on the deck and employs the T-shaped handle bars in order to maneuver and maintain their self on board. For the i... 14th February 2011 Hairdressing Essential Tools And Equipment Hairdressing by definition is the styling of ones hair employing various techniques including hair cutting, hair colouring, styling and various hair treatment options. This is usually executed by qualified and professionally trained people in the art of s... 12th November 2010