Andrew Mathu's Articles en-us Latest Politics News in Real Time-Influentials Network Style The almost government shutdown had been hogging the news, but you might have found more news on other important current political stories and faster on Influentials Network. If you want to know what's happening in US Politics and current political news,... 03rd May 2011 Current Political News Monitoring In Real-time, Art or Science There is something about human nature which makes us want to prioritize information by how recent it is, and that is the fundamental appeal of real time news monitoring. The difference between real time monitoring and regular news distribution is that rea... 26th April 2011 Influentials Network Aggrefiltering Illustrates Web 2.02s Most Important Skill On your first glance at the Influentials Network home page, you won't see anything all that special. You'll see some links to blog items down the left-hand side labeled "Top Items", and some smaller links to the right labeled "New Item Finder". It look... 06th April 2011 What The World Needs Now - A New Political News Aggregator What if there was a news aggregator specifically geared to update you on the later and most current politics and political news? - A site like automated news aggregator Techmeme, only tailored to the most current and important in national and local US pol... 18th March 2011