Steve Selengut's Articles en-us Jobs - Permanent Jobs - Millions Of 'Em Communist China, 1995--- the dawn of capitalism. The Hong Kong based guide talked about the free enterprise zones, building projects, golf courses, and roads with a chest full of pride and visible excitement. Capitalism was everywhere along the tour r... 25th November 2009 How To Create A Fairer Tax Environment Can lawmakers who don't have the courage or intelligence to outlaw texting while driving really be expected to create a saner tax structure? Hmmm. Developing a fairer tax environment is much less an economics problem than it is a political dilemma and,... 20th October 2009 How To Stimulate Consumer Spending And Jumpstart The Economy My survey produced an interesting anomaly--- several respondents felt that excessive consumer spending was the primary cause of the economic problems we face today, and that spending is not to be encouraged. But the root problem they were correctly sp... 23rd September 2009 How To Create More Jobs America My recent survey produced a variety of ideas, but most of them had these common elements: replace the Internal Revenue Code with a simpler model, encourage businesses to increase employment, and insist upon tort reform everywhere. It also brought two ... 16th September 2009 Health Care Reform or Welfare Program--- Who Pays the Bill? The White House has released another of its health care reform clarification emails--- there will be more. It seems strange to me that the focus is on insurance coverage rather than on the spiraling costs of health care itself. Frankly, the drafters o... 23rd August 2009 PGA Village October 2009 Golf Outing, Clinic and Seminars--- Twenty Golfers Needed Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars and Golf Mind Power present the inaugural Golf Mind Power & Investment Seminar/Outing at PGA Village, Port St Lucie, FL, October 23-25 2009. SUMMARY: Kiawah Golf Investment Seminars teaches investment course manageme... 03rd June 2009